July 24th, 2006


Timelines for the anime?

I have no idea if this has been discussed before (I'm pretty new to the series). Does anyone else notice the huge discrepancy in the passage of time between our world and Amestris at the end of the anime and in the movie? Has anyone ever tried to make a timeline for FMA?

If I'm reading things right, I guess this must mean that time is supposed to run at a different pace in our world than it does in Amestris. This is what I'm talking about ...

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Please tell me if I've got any of these dates or ages wrong. *_*;; I almost hope I do.
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Title: The Last Supper
Characters: Maes, Gracia, and Elicia Hughes, Roy Mustang.
Rating: G
Words: 785
Summary: Why Hughes forbade Mustang to set foot in his house.
Notes: This doesn't really fit into the timeline of the series, but the plotbunny was too cute to let go. One shot.

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[sortasmutfic] "Favored"

Fiction: Favored
Author: keishiko
Pairing: Elricest
Genre: angst, semi-smut, a poor imitation of fluff ^.^;
Rating: R
Warnings: Armor!Sex (*gasp*). Non-anime-based. And shifting tenses, which are very much open to correction (present tense is a pain! x_x).
Word Count: about 1800.
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Unattainable Illusions (Fan-Fic)

This is a fan-fic that I've actually been working on, I got the idea from the fan-game Bluebird's Illusion. Take not that this isn't all I have written, I'm just posting the prologue and ch. 1 for now to see what all of you think and see if you want me to post more.

Fic: Unattainable Illusions
Status: Not complete
Rating: PG-13 (At least right now..)
Pairing(s): Pride!Ed/OC, Roy/Riza
Type: Angst/Romance/Drama

Summary: Created from foolishness and selfish wants...Trapped in empty shells of bodies, will the same mistakes be made? Will we turn into who we once saw as enemies? Will the sins of the past resurface? If we don't have memories, why do these memories of our past haunt us? If we can't feel...Why do we feel this way?

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Please comment, thank you. I'll post more of the chapters if any of you want to read on.
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Touka Koukan mailbox bounce

I'm sure I've seen the Touka Koukan archivists post here so ... I've been trying to submit a request for membership for about two weeks now, but my email keeps getting bounced from the submission address with an "I'm sorry, Dave: this mailbox is full" message. Is the relevant archivist perhaps on vacation? Or is there an address other than the one in the instructions to which I should be emailing? adTHANKSvance.


Fuhrer’s Orders

Title: Fuhrer’s Orders
Pairing: Kimbley/Archer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dubious use of gun oil.
Word Count: 3,778
Notes: This is a pre-series example of the silly, fangirlish dream that Archer and Kimbley first met during the Ishbal Rebellion XD It’s a bit of a meld of manga and anime and was written entirely for tomoe_daeva because she OWNS MY VERY SOUL and I promised her I’d write it like… 8 million months ago. Concept courtesy of a prompt from midnightbanshee because I was at a complete writing block D:

( The war in Ishbal had been raging for years…" )
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"Threnody"; gen, G, short-ish vignette

Title: Threnody
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb]
Rating: G to PG.
Pairing: None XD
Genre: Gen, Winry-centric. Winry+Roy. Reminiscing, vignette. Angst.
Spoilers: Episode 25
Notes: For the fullservicefma contest; the theme is "Uniform".

(A good man would have a thousand stories of valor to recount, but a great man would have none; instead, others would tell them, murmuring to one another while the subject of their discourse rested cool within the ground.)
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Ficlet: Completion

Title: Completion
Rating: G/PG
Warnings: Movie spoilers! Like crazy!
Pairing: Elricest
Comments: I gave in and started to write this, almost randomly. I know that no one reads the author's notes (except me) but there are sometimes when I just feel like crying for the brothers, no matter how silly that seems. That sort of pain, to be away from the thing that you want most and to be reminded of it in every step you take, can weigh you. So here it is.
Oh, and I won't let WordPerfect tell me that "reacquaintance" isn't a word. If it wasn't before, it is now. And thanks to the lovely easilyabused who currently believes she is Lust and/or Sloth-- you had to read the first crappy ending.
Concrit?: Please!

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