July 21st, 2006

Ed Elric 10_lyricons challenge

Artist: areku1993
Subject: Fullmetal Alchemist
Character: Edward Elric
Number of Icons: 10/10
Credits: colorfilter, 100x100_brushes, Amber-Nights.
Lyrics: "Give a Reason" by Hayashibara Megumi (Download)(Download the Remix)
Translation: N/A

( Give a reason to live )

- Credit either areku1993 or susuyo
-Don't hotlink
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chapter 61 poster scan?

Is there a scan anywhere of the poster shown on the cover of the magazine for chapter 61? It's got Ed in a hammock with Den on top of him, and Al and Winry in the background. I'd hoped it would be in with the chapter, but it wasn't. Is there anywhere I can get it?
drake bell sitting

(no subject)

Just a quick question...

I've been catching up on my manga reading, and I seem to notice that weirdo japan fan thingy Edward pulls out during random moments.

Does anyone know what the heck is up with that? I've seen so much random stuff with that fan in it.

  • ketita

stupid translation

I just bought volume 8 of the manga yesterday, and noticed something really dumb weird. What exactly was Viz thinking when they translated 'Xerxes' as 'Cselkcess'?!  that's practically unreadable! >_<  First the 'Ishvarlans' and now this. Sheesh.
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artemis; credit to: &lt;lj user=aamalie&gt;

12-second crack vid!

I really don't know how to describe this...some of you may remeber a post with a number of vids of Vic at AnimeExpo (I'm very sorry I can't remeber who did the post, tell me and I'll credit you).

I used an audio clip of one of the things he said (Back off Riza he's mine!), and put it to the anime, so Ed's saying it (it's not as lame as it sounds, I swear).

Go check it out, you may find it amusing :)

EDIT: Credit goes to mercy_slays for the audio clip ^__^

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[PKM] Chatot

Extra movie ticket

Anyone in the Montreal, Quebec area is interested in seeing the FMA movie that's being shown on big screen tomorrow at the Fantasia Film Festival? We have an extra ticket for $6.50.

If you're interested, please leave a message so I could give you the meeting details as soon as possible.

The movie is in Japanese audio with English subtitles and will be shown at 2:30 pm at Concordia University. For more information, you can check out the website.
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[UruMani] Nina Sakura

[art] 'Welcome Home' (Roy x Ed, G)

My list of giftart is done, and therefore, I need to concentrate on my Roy/Ed 45 themes again. I'm trying to color all my linearts 'cause I only have two more days left to slack off. Go me. -_-;;

Welcome Home
Artist: pandarot
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Artist's Note: Another lineart I did since early June. Part of the Roy/Ed 45 themes, under 'Welcome Home'.

( Welcome home, Edward. )

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Drunk Xiao Mei

A lonely icon

I'm lazy, and so only have one icon to present in this post, but I found it too charming not to share.

So here it is.

Feel free to steal it. Just please comment and credit this journal. u__u
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(no subject)

Multi fandom post :)
  • 2 ed elric
  • 2 havoc
  • 11 roy mustang♥
  • 1 roy/riza/maes
  • 1 gluttony
    ADULT SWIM(04)
    SOUTH PARK (05)
    OTHER (09)

    (It's fake :))