July 20th, 2006

Shenanigins are afoot

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I was researching symbolism behind the cedeceus on Ed's jacket/Izumi's tattoo ect, and the ouroburus, and was reading a discussion when I came across this picture:

A while back, there was a discussion on the symbolism subject, and somebody commented that the wings and crown on Collapse )

must have been artistic liscence, but you can see that it's not. (Though, the wings have something to do with reaching a certain point of higher thinking ... I think. That's how I understood it. O.o)

It was written that the first picture was a symbol for Theosophy, but I can't seem to find much information on the subject ... er, written in a way that I can understand it. ^^; If someone could explain this to me, I'd be much obliged ..., oh, and general discussion is nice too. ~.^

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FMA/BoP Crack!Fic dump

Title: Lovely Day...
Author: azysapphy
Rating: PG13
Theme: #2
Word Count: 438
Spoilers: (if any): None...I think.
Teaser: "Are you in charge here?" "No, but I'm full of ideas."
Author’s Notes: Universes and characters involved: Balance of Power (Ed and Ducky), Fullmetal Guardian (Ed, Vengeance, and Vic), Unnamed universe (Ed, Denika, and Morelli), havocmangawip-verse (Denika), Blatant Self-Insert

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Title: Subordinate
Author: Dark_Delusions aka full_mental
Rating: G or PG
Theme: #3
Word Count: 434
Spoilers: umm.. takes place in the second BoP arc (as far as i was able to understand it) so there might be spoilers.... none for FMA
Author’s Notes: I was scanning the site....and when i saw the third theme..i just had to write on it. Not technically an entry, because its only 400 words and i have no intention of making it longer (origninally it was only three sentances! ^.^") Feel free to comment/critisize/correct, this is un-beta'd and was written quickly and for fun.

Ducky still didn't quite seem to grasp the essence of being a subordinate

And from nebroadwe:

An alchemist flung through the Gate
Complained, "There's just one thing I hate.
It's not Ducky's shirts
Or the way Kitten flirts;
AS runs Inuyasha too late!"

(She's so gunna kill me for that!) XD
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[fanfic] Brother Mine (Chapter One)


Title: "Brother Mine" Chapter One
Author: kyatto
Series: FullMetal Alchemist
Rated: PG-13
Pairings: None yet
Summary: End Of Anime AU. What might've happened if when Alphonse used the Stone he successfully brought Ed back the first time...and Ed came back an eleven-year-old boy without the memories of their journey together...and he remained in the suit of armor.
Warnings: End of Anime Spoilers

Collapse )
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