July 15th, 2006

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Some scans from PG2

I have finally borrowed a scanner because my new one isn't born yet ...

(Maybe I should have edited that pictures a little bigger ??? Tell me ...)

There is the two chapters : "the rise of Amestrian Army" and "the disaster of Ishbal", the "encyclopedia of characters" -I think and a little about alchemy and Rentanjutsu ; if some good fellows (that ignore what to do with their time) could translate some parts ...

If someone could find us the one part where it is clearly said Grunmman is Riza's grandfather, that would be very nice. Thanks in advance ... (could be on the page 72-73 or in the 'characters encyclopedia' I put first)

here they are : -->

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Title: Return to Innocence
Song: 'Return to Innocence' by Enigma
Spoilers: A few clips from the end of the series. Not too drastic.

You can either download the high-quality version from animemusicvideos.org, or just watch it at YouTube.

Hope you enjoy!
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LOL, community pimpage!

After having a zillion hilarious conversations with my good friend and having no where to post them:

Ever have a hilarious conversation with someone about FMA and have no where to share the moment of pure Fullmetal Hilarity? Ever draw something in class with someone else, and it knocked your socks off? (Hopefully not literally.) Passing notes and it's lol-tacular too? Well, yeah, join, but remember to read the rules first, because, pssst, you're expected to follow them.
Oh, and if you want to be a mod? Drop me a line and tell me why you should be a mod. I can't run this thing by myself!

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A question

Hi to all!
I'm sorry for this stupid question, but I've just re-watched FMA anime from 14 ep to 22 and...
Why the homunculus burned the national alchemist library if they wanted help Ed to find a method to create the phil. stone?
I'm sorry for my Engrish it's not my language and I'm sure that I made some errors. ^^;;;
Maybe I must re-read the manga.. :)

Bye bye. ;3
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Miss you

More Fan Groups Update

:D here's a few More Fangroups for you to shake a Stick at!

Also if you dont' like the dubbed actors that's your choice. I turned off the comments on this post to keep the dub/sub fans from fighting it out. Also note that the clubs are not just about FMA characters, each voice actor has had other roles in other Anime. But since they did work on FMA it does relate to that. :D

::bow:: thank you

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Kingdom Hearts :: Sora Happy


Hello~ Just thought I would share some cosplay pics and what not. These were all at Metrocon 2006. I cosplayed Ed and my friend John went as Al. Uhm.. enjoy? xD

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Multi-fandom RP pimpage

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Welcome to the city Neisenma, a multi-fandom based roleplay that's only recently been created. Still fresh for new members, we're hoping to promote and advertise enough to gather a few more participants before things can get started.

It takes place in Neisenma, a fictional metropolis that is surrounded by five separate districts - Home, Midgar, Dierentiun, Jade and Rukongai. Members familiar with certain fandoms will find themselves attracted to certain characters and certain areas, depending.

It's year 20xx, and people have been arriving in Neisenma just as frequent as ever. Without a reason for their being, individuals simply accept the fact they have arrived, and gradually come to believe they've lived there their entire lives. Old acquaintances may be found, new may be made, and drama is sure to spark.

One thing is for certain: Don't trust the unknown. It will come to haunt you