July 14th, 2006

FMA - Kymba T-Shirt Back

FMA Inspired Art: BLTA Fan-Girls

Lately... I've been fangirling hardcore alongside crazyloststar who introduced me to sky_dark's amazing fan fiction "Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher" and "Better Living Through Alchemy."

In any case, I have been involved in many fandoms (and do fine art commissions full time along with filmmaking), but this is the first time I think I've ever been tempted to do anything resembling "fan art" so here: have a 30 minute "sketch" that's around 3 inches by 3 inches (ie: crazy tiny), featuring the Elric brothers and.. fan girls. XD  Knowledge of the fic might make this a little extra-amusing, but regardless...

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cosplay help

Sigh now i am in the middle of making an Ed cosplay and I am coming up on a few problems.

One - I am making the red coat and I was wondering the best way to put the symbol on the back. Would it be painting (unlikely), sewing, or embordery? I want it to last for a while.

Two - how in the world does one go about making the black coat the Ed wears underneath the red coat... (am a beginner sewer that is determinned to learn the art).

All help would be greatly appriciated.
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FMA - Brothers "By Your Side"

FMA Inspired Art: The Art of Brother Torture

FMA Inspired Art: The Art of Brother Torture

So!  Here's my second attempt at FMA Fan Art!  This time I tried to work a little larger (6 x 4 inches or so?), and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. :)

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Ah: brotherly love!

Please tell me what you think! :)

And if any artists out there ever feel compelled to "color" my sketches, just give me a hollar and I'll gladly send you a clean version for you to try your hand at.  All I ask is for credit for the underlying sketch (on the final image as well too, please), and for you to show me the finished product. :)

EDIT: I wanted to add: When I started drawing this I had no intention at all it would progress this far, and it's along the bottom edge of a sheet of paper... hence why the hands are cut off. Next time, there will be hands, oh yes. :)


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Type of work: fanfiction drabbles
Author: esteltinuviel
Rating: PG
Pairing: none, but the first could be taken as implied elricest, but it's not intentional
Warnings/spoilers: um, if you don't know about the Gate (allit is is the first time Ed saw it)

Note: I did a journaling camp this week at the library, and I decided to post some of my stuff. This is most of what we did, but I left out a log rabble about music and some notes about some songs we listened to and wrote what they made us think of. Anyway, these are my favorites!

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Arakawa - Devoted to the Fans

[PIMPAGE] Mafia!fics

Well, uh, so I kinda made another fic comm.


Premise: Alfons and Al are twins, and also mafia hitmen. Insert some twincest innuendoes and a flustered Ed. Also insert Roy and Havoc as detectives trying to make sense of everything. Also insert Envy in Armani suits. Also insert Winry with guns. Voila!

drake bell sitting

Hughes Colorbar

I saw some colorbar post recently, and someone requested a Maes Hughes one. I decided I wanted one, too, so I just went ahead and made one. It's under the cut if anyone wants it, also.

Sorry if it's really bad...it's my first colorbar.

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JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

[Screencaptures] FMA - Reflection Sepcial

So here are the caps of the Reflection special - finally XD
If you´ve watched the whole series you shouldn´t be afraid of spoilers, cuz it´s just a retrospection of what has happened in the series (not the movie !)


Short Info:
Size: 13,8 MB
Screencaptures: 424
Type: .jpg
Format: 640 x 480
Subtitles: Yes (on some caps)
Note: These are .rar-files. You might need WinRar to open them. Get it here !

[Samples + DOWNLOAD]

Previous Screencaptures:

[MOVIE - Conqueror of Shamballa] // [KIDS OVA] // [Chibi OVA] // [OVA - Alchemists vs. Homunculi] // [Live Action OVA] // [Bluebird´s Illusion - Pride Ending] // [Episode 23] // [Episode 27] // [Episode 28] // [Episode 37] // [Episode 41]

free fall

[Fan Fic Challenge/Contest] Sues and Crossovers (Deadline: July 31)

Here's an interesting contest: write your best Mary Sue or Crossover fic. Who predicted theere would be a contest with that prompt?

The following text is taken from this webpage.

Mary Sues and crossovers are generally scorned in fandom. Many authors believe that having either of those two qualities present in a fic make it automatically bad. However, have there ever been stories with a Sue, or that crossover, that were brilliant? Here is the chance to find out.

Therefore, I would like to challenge any willing authors to write a story with a Sue that has wonderful canon characterisation and has a steady plot or purpose.

This challenge is open to anyone willing to participate. ^^

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If you have any questions or wish for clarification on a topic, feel free to ask!
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Fic: You're Beautiful

Also posted here and here.

Title: You're Beautiful
Author: austere_flare
Characters (except Orion) are by Hiromu Arakawa. Song "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. 
Rating: G (There's no swearing or anything that requires a higher rating, so...there we go. *nodnod*)
Chapters: 1
Time Frame: After the movie. Besides Al being human, there are no movie spoilers...owing to the fact that I myself haven't watched it. XD
Pairing/s: Mostly AlXRose with slight OCXRose
Summary: Rose meets an old friend who may want to win her heart...but unfortunately for him, he picks a very bad time.
Author's Notes: May contain spoilers from episodes 40-42.

(This "cut" will take you to my fanfiction.net account. Just a little heads up.) 
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