June 29th, 2006


Two fics just for you!

Two FMA fics in a row completed. This makes me very happy. They're both take place in the past. =D Devour them like the great fanfic person you should be.

Title: A Frozen Soul
Characters: The Elric and Rockbell families
Pairings: None
Word Count: 5833 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some slight sexual references. Also, slight spoiler to the end of the series concerning Hohenheim's past, but nothing to worry about if you've seen past episode 45 or 46.
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I wish, etc. 'Nuff said.
Author's Note: I didn't know Winry's parents' names nor Trisha's maiden name, so I used my imagination here.

She found herself wishing she had never bore his children, never fell in love with him, or even knew he existed.

Title: Crimson Regrets
Characters: Trisha, Edward, and Alphonse Elric
Pairings: Elricest (EdxAl)
Word Count: 2083
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some cursing on Edward's part
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I wish, blah blah.
Author's Note: I referred to the anime for some quotes. Most of this is based on what has actually happened in the anime kthx. =D

But by that time, Alphonse was already gone.

Please enjoy! They took a total of 3 hours to write, not including the amount of searching-around I had to do so I could depict the past of FMA and Amestris accurately.

<333, Bea
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AU Ficcage

So I was bored one day, and went to the library to find some random thing to read. Ended up finding a general reference book on pirates and read that for a bit, only to see this cute, fuzzy little plotbunny hop up and begin nibbling on my toes. I reached down, patted its head, scratched it behind the ears, and fed it a little carrot, petting it as it munched away... then punted it a fair distance so I could finish my book.

Three pirate books and one maritime history book later, this huge, Monty Python-esque plotbunny of DOOM lumbers up calmly and latches its sharp pointy teeth onto my head. Thus, this odd little AU fic was born.

Title: Untitled as of yet
Characters: Um... pretty much everybody
Warnings: Little known terminology (that I will define at the bottom), Unbeta'd, written and typed two seperate days from about 3 to 4 am, violence planned for later chapters

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... what have I gotten myself into??
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Fanfic: Tick-Tock

Title: Tick-Tock
Fandom: FMA (anime version)
Character(s): Ed and ... OC? (for a very low value of O :-)
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG (for mild language)
Word Count: ~3500
Warnings: Post-series; spoilers for the FMA movie.
A/N: This has to be the fastest-developing piece I've ever written, a real Solomon Grundy of a story: bunnied on Wednesday, first draft on Saturday, beta'd on Sunday and posted on Thursday. Submitting this to the FullServiceFMA June "Beach" Challenge compressed my usual prose fermentation period down to nothing; concrit welcomed from the sentence level on up. The French has been kindly checked (and in one case donated) by la plus amiable Kerry Gibson with the assistance of Joy Bailey, but any mistakes that remain are my own. Crossposted from nebroadwe to Hoellenbeck (i.e. fm_alchemist, fullservicefma, fma_gen, fma_writers, and fma_fiction).
Dedication: For c_b_syndrome, who may have been right, at that.


Unlike most lost property, children usually had strong opinions about being handled by strangers and the last thing Ed needed was to find himself accused of kidnapping in addition to industrial espionage. He could hear Al already: we're supposed to be lying low, brother.
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It's been forever.

So. Hm, anyone remember the colorbars I did? I had over 40. And I got some 300+ comments XD Even when I went on hiatus. ANYWAY, it's summer, I have more time on the computer, which means I can get back to the... *counts* 10+ requests I have XD My colorbars are still there if anyone still wants to use it!


*If you all would be so kind... could you help me look for screenshots of these requests?
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[Fic] Come Spring

Title: Come Spring
Author: midori_hakkai
Pairing: implied Roy/Riza
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death.
Spoilers: Just a particular scene in episode 51. Events aren’t related to the movie.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to Arakawa Hiromu.
Author's Notes: Written for the June fiction competition in fullservicefma.

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(no subject)

Title: Obscurity
Author: xxDream Theaterxx (me)
Pairing: EnvyxEd (Slight)
Rating: Pg-13 for now
Type: Orignally a oneshot, but not anymore
Links to: www.fanfiction.net/~xxDreamTheaterxx
Notes: This is actually considered an a/u because it is alternate events in the series. I am changing how things came about. This takes place after Sloth has been killed but I'm making it so Al never was the Stone. Yeah...no mystical powers or any o' that. Yeah...so Scar's attempt at making the Philosophers stone was a failure but he died anyway. Lust is gone as well. So yeah...Envy never took Al and now Ed and Al are searching in Dante's mansion for clues...m'kay? They have no clue of Dante switching bodies. That's how this story is k? Sorri if you don't like that....yeah. Onward!!

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A Request

I'm looking for a textless version of the REWRITE opening in either .avi or .mpeg format. I need it for a music video I'm making. All I have is a crappy version with text everywhere and that does NOT make an AMV look good. X_x So... Please. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!!
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