June 25th, 2006

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I drew some squishy fluffy RoyEd because I like fluffy things... ^o^

...Preview ♥

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My friend's also been wanting to use this icon:

We don't know who to credit though, and we'd love it if anyone could let us know who made this. Thanks in advance!

Found the name~ Thanks e1ena!!
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What can hold a candle to FMA?

Rambling from a finicky grygon on why nothing can or will hold a candle to Fullmetal Alchemist for me... no one on my f-list understands cause only 1 on it has even seen FMA, so I'm seeking others in this community who will know how I feel. And I end with a question for other anime recommendations of FMA quality... if there exists such a thing.

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EDIT: thanks to all who replied. It does seem FMA is one of kind. :) And it's good to not be alone. Thanks guys!

Movie ad in newspaper...

Hello people :3 Wonder if anybody has posted about this yet?

Just last night, I was looking through the Sunday newspaper (The Los Angeles Times to be exact), and found an Anime Expo '06 pull-out newspaper advertisement supplement thingy. So, I flipped through it and found an article on the FMA movie, as well as an ad for the movie DVD on the last page. This morning, I scanned the black-and-white pages that they were on with my little scanner, as they were... pretty interesting.
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Roy/Riza - the grand façade

[fic] Useless - RoyxRiza, NC-17

Title: Useless
Author: kuchenhexe
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4071
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) is copyrighted by Hiromu Arakawa/Square Enix. This is a work of fanfiction for personal entertainment only.
Author's Notes: Made the fma_fuh_q deadline, despite RL hectic crap, hand problems, and sickness. T_T;; Roy-dominant; Riza's point of view became the dominant one necessary for this story. Thanks to asrimal and someday_to_you for giving me a quick beta. (I also lost in the 'think up a good title' department ::sigh::)
Summary: "A little harsh?" he retorted. "How would you like to be called useless?"

+ Useless

Cosplay photoshoot...

Hi!! ^.^

Yesterday a bunch of us from the Peach State Cosplay Society and some other people had a cosplay photoshoot at Stone Mountain, Georgia with characters from all different anime and games (Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, FMA, Naruto, One Piece, Battle Royale, Silent Hill...).

I was Wrath and we also had an Armor!Greed and an Ed.

Warning! Image Heavy!!!
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^.^ Hope you like! If I find some more pictures I might post them (i know there are some where I was pushing Luffy off of a wall into the water). ^.^
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I didn't find anything in the rules saying I couldn't post this, but if it's not allowed, I'll delete it. Anyways, I made a new Fullmetal Alchemist community that's similar to this one, only fm_alchemist is way cooler. XD In fma_etc you can post anything FMA related, as long as you stay on topic & you don't put spoilers, cussing, etc. without a warning. Also, pictures, really long posts, etc. should be behind a cut. Thanks. ^.^
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Hello! I recently placed a request on this comm for a beta, to look at a couple sequels I wrote for tookhernowhere's wonderful fic, "Lease on Life."
I am now pleased to announce that the sequels are complete, and that you can read the entire four-part arc by following the link below to my journal. All four parts are PG-13, for language, violence, and slash. The principal pairing is Archer/Kimberly, though Greed makes an appearance in the final part. Thank you, and enjoy. ^_^

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Someone posted this on the Rapture forums and I thought my fellow British fans might be interested

Originally whispered to me over on the London Expo weekend, I’ve received email confirmation from MVM that they have the UK license to release the Fullmetal Alchemist movie, so far, DVD extras are unconfirmed and MVM have it pencilled in for 2007, probably due sometime after / as the TV series DVD run finishes. A full fanfare with all the details regarding the release isn’t expected until later in the year but via other email inquiries from fans MVM have already said “yep” to having the license.

Rapture's gone down and FMA's due on in 20 minutes, not fair since I missed it on Tuesday cos my pc died. Work damn you

Love is Love

Title: Love is Love
Chapter: 1 The Party
Warnings: Kind of end of anime spoilery...
Rating: PG13 I guess? Mild language, some gore later on, and possibly... poooossibly Hentai if I ever get the guts to write it... or con persuade someone else into writing it for me.
Type of Fic: A Looove Story~
Pairing: Alx??
Notes: I don't own FMA. This is derived from RP chats done with various members of the Fullmetal Folly RPG, where I play Al. I had the wonderful task of converting crack into fic. Woot.

Love is Love: The Party
Nightwing-chan kawaii desu ne!

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Hey there, all! Long-time lover of FMA here, amazed that I never joined this community. Anyway, I've got some fic for y'all and plenty more where this came from.

Title: A Familiar Dance
Characters: Mostly Edward Elric and Roy Mustang
Summary: In order to win a battle, one must know their opponent's weakness and use it against them.
Rating: G
Warnings: Slight language warning.


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Title: Human Nature
Characters: Alphonse
Summary: Alphonse knew that he should be grateful to his brother for sacrificing so much for him and he was but sometimes . . . Sometimes Alphonse couldn't help but wonder: Should he even have been saved at all?
Rating: G
Warnings: Not much, really. Just the musings of a fourteen year old stuck in a suit of armor.


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Title: Smoke
Characters: Ed and Al
Summary: Edward could still smell the scent of smoke in his hair, no matter how many times he lathered it up he just couldn't get that smell of burning wood out.
Rating: K+/PG
Disclaimer: If I owned FMA, then I wouldn't be poor and this wouldn't be a fanfic.
Warnings: Eh, angst, one or two spoilers for Ed and Al's past, really vague Ed/Al-ness, but you could really ignore it if you were so inclined.


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All of these have been cross-posted to fullmetal_flik, fanfic100, my GJ, yaku_engi_chan, and my fanfiction.net account, Linen Tartaruga
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