June 19th, 2006

Knife Jack

Simple requests? :D?

Howdy. New. ^^;

I just wanted to know if anybody had a better quality copy of this picture.

Also, there was another specific one I can't seem to find. My friend had it hanging in her locker all year. X3 I was dying to steal it - Ed and Al in their Germany clothes. I believe Ed is sitting and Al is standing and it seemed like it was a calendar picture, but I'm not sure. If you know which one I'm talking about, I would love you forever if you could provide it. :3 ♥
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fanart ^^

After Ed/pride picture, here is the new picture of Homuculos apocalypse riders; Envy and Plague.
The horse didn't gave me trouble, what gave me trouble was Envy on the hourse >-<*
Anyway, here is the link for Envy and PLague picture


I hope you like thje picture. Please, give me your opinion.

Ah, for the ones who didn't see Ed/pride with his horse Death, here is the link of the picture:

Next horse will be War. Can you guess which homuculos he will choose?
want something nice?

hey~ icons!

Hey~ I'm back with icons ^^
I'm a bit late with the naruto icons, they are mostly from the manga but anyway ^^;;
*credit and comment if taking ^^*

5 Sasuke
12 sasunaru
3 Envy
2 Roy
2 Ed
1 Roy/ed, Kimblee, Al/ed
Final Fantasy~3
Angel Sanctuary~4

icons under the cut~

never coming home

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This was an entry in a fic contest. I haven't written anything in a while, so I'm horribly rusty. I'm sorry!

Title: Hand
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Character death
Summary: All he wanted was for his hand to be held.

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Again, sorry for how horrible it is!
Oh Ho hatachiin porn

A-Kon reports and vacation time

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know I'm out of town for the next week, so I apologize in advance for the lack of responses and comments (gah, going back through my f-list for a week will take forever!!)...and even though I haven't written the third part, here are my two posts so far on A-Kon 17. I went as the rare Pride!Ed (I think I was the only one, w00t!), and my friend went as Matsumoto from Bleach. Lots of pictures, yay! Cosplay is SO much fun. :3 See ya in a week! Hopefully my muse will be even more inspired by going on holiday and I'll have some fun artwork to share when I return. *grins*

The links lead to my DA journal, so my fangirly write-up doesn't screw up people's pages. ^^;

A-Kon part 1: The swag post. http://inuyasha-shinigami.deviantart.com/journal/9050962/

A-Kon part 2: The cosplay post. http://inuyasha-shinigami.deviantart.com/journal/9051512/
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Sparkly Roy

[fanfiction] Another Man's Shoes

Title: "Another Man's Shoes"
Author: rlohengramm "RealRoyMustang"
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Notes: Slightly Implied Shounen-Ai, May-Be-Considered AU Storyline
Genre(s): Comedy, Action/Adventure, Romance
Characters Involved: Roy Mustang, Edward Elric
Summary: You don't know a person's life until you walk a mile in their shoes...through a bit of botched Alchemy Roy and Edweard get to see each other's lives firsthand!

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Fanfic: Rewritten 2

Yeah, Rewritten is back!  And it just gets crackier and crackier....

Title: Rewritten 2
Author: ketita
Previous Parts: Rewrite + Rewritten ch 1
Warnings: Full anime and movie spoilers, potential overdose of crack
Genre: Humor, Parody
Summary: The Show Must Go On! Because everybody knows (but nobody will talk about) the fate which awaits the unfortunate Characters who fail in a Mutiny...

"Al," Ed scolded, "what did I tell you about picking on people who are older and bigger than you?"
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Het OT3

Come vote!

Touka Koukan's Red Flamel Fanfiction Contest has reached the voting stage!

How voting works

All the entries are on Touka Koukan under the account 'Red Flamel Fanfiction Contest'. (The authors' names will be added after voting is over.) Simply read all the fics that seem interesting to you: at the end of each fic you will find a link to a poll where you can rate the fic you just read. These ratings will be used to determined the winner. You may only rate each fic ONCE so don't start out giving out 10s; you can't go back and change your mind. The important thing is for you to rate consistently. Please consider readings fics you wouldn't normally touch because of the pairing. You might be pleasantly surprised. :)

You can find the fics HERE.
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