June 16th, 2006

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mood theme..

.. ok.. the ed ones are not working for me right. When i upload them to photobucket and try it, some of the pictures dont show up when i try to save them to my theme, it shows the photobucket error, and ive tried deleting them and uploading them all over again.. is there another theme out there?
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For A-Kon this year, I dressed up as Edward Elric... In a dress! It was supposed to be lolita, but this was my first time doing this kind of this. I think it turned out well, though, and it was surprisingly comfortable. I thought it would be scratchy and too warm.

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This was a lot of fun and I plan on wearing this again at Otakon (along with a Selphie outfit) because I didn't wear the dress on Saturday until late, around Hentaifest/Penicillin concert time. And then I was in a hotel room most of the time.

I also plan on being at A-Kon again next year with a Roy and a Hughes and hopefully, a Winry. We're still looking for more Fullmetal Lolita participants, I'm hoping to get a group together ^^

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A question

I have a great idea for a Lust/Scar fic, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question that I need answered before I can begin writing it. Any help would be appreciated!

"Does anyone know the name of the woman Lust was created from?"

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The FMA Jeopardy quiz is offcially over.

Due to ambiguity in one of the questions, I scaled the results by one missed question (I counted by how many questions you missed, then, in the event of a tie, I would count up the number of points you would have earned).

And the winner is...gretchen8642! YOu have just won four custom designed icons by me! Just drop me a comment here telling me what you want (characters, text or no text, funny vs. serious, any special pairings, etc.) and we'll work out the details.

I've decided to give the three runner-ups each an icon of their choice.
Runner-ups are:

If you are a runner-up, follow the same instructions for requesting your icon. When mae, I wil give you a cooment on your lj with the link so you can have it as your own personal icon!

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Ed Boots!

I am looking for a picture of as close-up as possible of Edward Elric's Boots. I just got the base in for the boot but I need to alter it, and realized I don't have any decent close ups.

Could anyone help out a cosplayer with an image? ^_^ Thanks guys!