June 14th, 2006

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Updated Icons!

I updated my icon archive! Go check it out. ^_^

Fullmetal Alchemist
       [23] Greed
       [16] Scar
       [26] Misc. FMA Icons
Kingdom Hearts 2
       [3] Axel
       [7] Sora
       [1] Roxas

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3. If taking textless for a base, comment that you are.
4. Enjoy!


fanfiction--HP and FMA crossover

Title: "FullMetal vs. The Boy Who Lived"
Author: esteltinuviel, beta whatshername209
Genre: crossover (Harry Potter and FullMetal Alchemist), action
Words: 2110
Rating: PG for violence and some language
Spoilers: not really, but maybe for stuff mentioned season two of FMA
Notes: this was written for dragonix_blader when he asked me "Who would win if Harry Potter and Edward Elric got in a fight?"

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Lol, fanart

Who wants to see Al dance? 

I do!

(And I fixed up those portraits... Again.  Argh, I know you're probably sick of them.)

Human Alphonse?

Does it disturb anyone else that there are no ( at least so far as I can find) action figures of Al after he get his body back? It seems unfair really, that the only one's are Armor!Al. The armor is cool but I would like to see him in the flesh.

If this isn't okay to post, feel free to remove. I just wanted to get it off my chest.
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Fic: Midnight Rendezvous (Envy/Kimbley)

Title: Midnight Rendezvous
Author: guanin
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Envy/Kimbley
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
AN: I'm not even going to give this a summary since it's pure smut. Seriously. There's some scattered dialogue but that's it. I was inspired by the latest chapter of the manga, so it's set during Ishabal, but there are absolutely no spoilers for anything.
Warnings: I think the pairing is a warning in itself, but just in case there's a fair amount of blood and playing with knifes.

Sharp sparks of friction fly in the dry wind of the desert night

"Pervert"- Al/Wrath Crackfic

Title- Pervert
Pairing- Al/Wrath
Rating- Uh... PG... 13?  Contains discussion of "The birds and the bees"...
Notes- Well... for one thing, I was stressed out, and I realized I've been taking this ship too seriously.  I needed to do some mocking, but it turned out to make an eerie amount of sense.

"Al," Wrath declared in a serious tone, his lips pressed in a firm line and his eyes set heavily, "You're a pedophile."



Found Something

SPOILERS for Episode 23 of the Anime - I spotted something, but can't screencap it.

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Hopefully someone can get a screenshot of it up, it's really neat and I'd never noticed it before.

Edit: A few people explained it for me; been too long since I watched/read that part so I forgot. ^^;