June 12th, 2006

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ficcy. :3

Title: Pale-Colored Irises
Author: kawaii-kirei / shikanashi_kk
Rating: T or PG-13
Pairing: RoyEd

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all of its characters does not and never will belong to me.

Summary: Edward Elric is a blind sculptor and Roy Mustang is his new project.

[chap 1] [chap 2]

<3 w00t.


I really had fun writing this. ^^

Title: Milk
Author: ieatchu / shikanashi_kk
Rating: T or PG-13
Pairing: RoyEd

Summary: Ed finally gets a taste of milk.

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I'm posting this here, hopefully y'all don't mind.

I'm going to Hong Kong next week! Anyone knows where to find shops there that sell FMA merchandise? Lots of it?
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HE and AL can BOTH do hand-clapping seals!!! There are several joints in the shoulder area in order for this to happen ^^

really nice body as well for Ed. I really like where the armor and human skin meets. really nice

It also comes with several switchable hands, so it can hold onto things or make the hand seal ^_^

Since the doll isn't really made for girls, the hair is molded, not real hair. I think guys like that better since it looks more like how he's suppose to look, instead of learning how to style hair to make it look like Ed ^^;; (after all, if us girls really want Ed doll, i guess someone can always go buy dollfies and make it look like Ed ^^;)

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Meaning of the flamel?

Title is pretty self-explanitory. ^^ I was just really curious about people's different interpretation of the flamel used throughout the series.

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Snagged from somebody's av because I couldn't find a clear pic anywhere... ¬¬

I know of the general alchemic meaning of it (Found here) but I'm wondering if there are any other takes on it. The way that it's arranged in the FMA world, I've always taken it as 'questioning christianity/religion'. Other thoughts?

I'm seriously considering getting a tattoo of it, so I'm curious to know how people would interpret it. Also, any idea how much (generally) a 3ish inch tat would cost?
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Selling Doujinshi

I have 2 Hagaren doujinshi for sale at my journal, among other books for other series. Both have some RoyEd, one more than the other, and one seems to also have (implied) AlEd.


Link to my journal entry!

Feel free to make offers if the price seems too high, but I am reluctant to let them go, so don't expect an immediate 'yes.' XD

APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky

An Interpretation of the Flammel

The symbol of the Flammel on the back of Edward’s coat is one of the most popular sigils in the Fullmetal Alchemist series and one with dozens of interpretations. They range from the actual creator of the Flammel to religion and beyond.

I’ve always enjoyed interpretations akin to the one I’m about to present. Although there are no plot spoilers, it is lengthy and it involves religion to a large extent, in specific, Christianity. My main field of study (as I am self taught) is forbidden scripture and early Christianity. I’d love to see a Jewish interpretation of the Flammel, I simply am not qualified to do so. (I’ve only begun to wade into the waters of Judaic studies and I’m very shaky there.)

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I hope this has proved thought provoking for some. I welcome discussion and debate about this theory. I don’t claim to be right, this is just an interpretation, that’s all.
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EdxWinry Ficcy

Title: Silkspun Dreams - 6 - precious treasure
Author: Yukina_Raven
Rating: PG-13 (For implied sex)
Genre: Romance//Sap//FLUFF LEIK WHOA
Pairing: EdxWinry
Notes: Misc. FMA fanfic I wrote. Part of a collection of drabbles found on FF.net under my pen name Tiger of the Wind1. Enjoy? ^^;

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