June 10th, 2006

Intro By Fic!

Hey, all. I tend to lurk like mad, but I'd appreciate some comments about this fic I present to you.

I warn you now, it is my first FMA fic, but don't let that stop you from crticizing the he...ck out of it. ^_^

Title: A Night at the Library
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Rating: G

Thanks for reading!

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BSG Kara - Badass

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Does anybody know where I can find the piano music for "Wakare no Kyoku (Piano Solo)"? Its from the OST 3, and I dont know the English name. The non-piano solo is just called "Wakare no Kyoku" and though id RATHER have the piano music for the solo peice, either would do.

Its one of my favorite FMA songs, definatly on my top 10 favorites, and I would love to know how to play it *-*

THANK YOU for your help! <333
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Spock world crumbling

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More icons :D!

7 Naruto
3 sasuke
1 kakashi
1 sasusaku
2 Sasuke Sakura and Naruto

2 ed
1 winryxed
1 russle

8 Inuyasha
2 miroku
2 sango
3 kikyo
1 Inuyasha and Kikyo

Please comment
credit is nice but not needed ^___^

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Calm Before the Storm (3rd in a Series)

Title: Calm Before the Storm
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: meh, entire series
Summary: Greed is curious about Dante's apprentice.... (3rd in a Series)
Notes: Linked below to my journal.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist.


The 2nd part is here.


The 1st part is here.


Because I'm obsessing about FMA so very much...

For those who might be interested... I came up with a bit of an essay on the generally amazing and mind-blowing stuff that is our beloved Fullmetal Alchemist--about the themes, and the characters.

The first part is about the amazing themes and reflections on human nature that FMA is so rich in. The second part compares and contrasts some of FMA's protagonists to that of Rurouni Kenshin--a.k.a. Samurai X--of which some of you may already know.

There are some spoilers for the FMA anime and manga--some obvious, others not really. Some spoilers as well for RuroKen: the anime and the OVAs. (If I need to explain some of my references some more, please tell me and I'll fix it asap. :)

Just thought I might share it. Feedback and discussion very welcome.

How do you do a fake lj-cut anyway? Oh well...
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[fic] comments make me happy (:

I sort of dropped out of fm fandom for a bit but i'm back (for now) with a new story which I hope you'll like and critique. This is a draft of the first chapter, and I'm hoping to get an opinion before I continue writing. If it's ok, subsequent chapters will be f-locked until they're beta-ed. Speaking of which, I need betas too if I'm to continue ^^ so if you're interested do leave a comment! (linked to my journal because it's easier)


"Untitled" (as yet!)
Pairings: Roy/Ed eventually, Roy+Hughes. Various.
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: Private investigator AU. Character death (uh, not unexpected). Not particuarly spoilery, I don't think.

ficcage which stars roy mustang as sam spade?

Thanks, everybody (:
This time, I unlocked it -sheepish-

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LotR Merry close-up with helmet

Cosplay help?

Does anyone know of a website where you can buy the military uniforms/ Edward Elric/ Alphonse Elric cosplay costumes or accesories? I looked through the memories and all I found are sites with patterns to make them.

Sorry if this isn't allowed.
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icons--14 FMA

These are some of the first icons I have made and the first I have ever posted on the internet, so I hope you like them (and that I don't mess up on the coding...). I got the images for these from a picture I got from a google search. I don't know the artist, so whoever made it--THANK YOU! But I didn't make the pic, just the icons! And I apologize for making some of them so small, it was the was the pic was formatted.

A preview! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Christmas // make christmas last

[Fic] Fading Hope

Title: Fading Hope
Characters: Edward and Alphonse
Rating: PG
Author: That would be me. racheylish
Summary: Songfic. One shot. Edward Elric reflects upon the past. Alphonse tries to remember the journey and continues his hunt for Ed.
Warnings: End of series spoilers. Movie spoilers. This takes place somewhere after the ending of the series and before the movie actually takes place. Sad. Angsty. First attempt at FMA fanfiction, so please forgive me.

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