June 8th, 2006


Fic help?

It's... been awhile since I posted here.

So, um... I was wondering if I could get some help for this fic I'm writing? Any and all input or suggestions would be appreciated (but please don't be offended if your suggestion doesn't find its way into the fic) Everyone's suggestions were appreciated for chapter one, however most of them I have just taken into consideration for future chapters as opposed to going back and editing what was already written.
Future chapters will be submitted to a beta.

Here's the deal. I posted this fic:
back in March. and I'm sort of at a road block for how to continue it. Al's going to have a bigger part in future installments, since the story is about Roy, Ed and Al... I'm looking for help and suggestions on the following things for chapter two -

1. Where to take the story.
I've never written a fic like this before, but I'd like to try one where reader input is actually used in the story.
2. Anyone who is or has been a waiter/waitress that has any stories that I can use for ideas/inspiration.
3. Title suggestions. Chapter and fic titles.... I am terrible at coming up with them.

I think that's everything. I hope this isn't too off-topic.
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Song: 1000 Foot Krutch - Move
Genre: Action
Warnings: Some very minor spoilers for the entire series.

My cousin requested I make an AMV with this song, and once I heard it, I couldn't say no. I apologize for the pixely-ness in some of the clips. Apparently, MovieMaker doesn't play well with AVI files... Lame. Hope you enjoy.

PS: Toby, I haven't forgotten your clips, don't worry!
Greed pouncing


Watching xeviscerax 's AMV, I remembered I'd made an AMV myself - also on YouTube.


It focuses on episodes 33-34 ( Greed, blatantly XD ). Don't watch it if you havn't seen episode 34.....it's slightly spoilery. XD

I was basically experimenting with more effects - Movie Maker is so crap. I had to save it in two incomplete parts to prevent the program from crashing, before I was able to fully save it. ¬__¬

I'm pretty happy with it. It's to 'Blame' by Korn.
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FMA Fact Questions

Hi all :) Hope everyone is having a good day. I have a few questions regarding some FMA tid-bits. Some I'm curious about, but some I'll use for a fic (& I don't want to get things wrong ^^;).

1. What is Major Armstrong's sister's name again? (me = bad w/ names)

2. Anyone got a screen-cap/picture of her?

3. OK. Ages baffle me. How old are these people in the tv series (when Ed's 15):
- Elysia Hughes
- Armstrong's sister
- Riza Hawkeye
- Jean Havoc
- Sciezka
- Winry Rockbell

Sorry if I've bombarded you guys with this, but this would really help me lots XO! THANKS!!

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Metrocon 2006 Report Part 2

Right when we entered the Con, people were attacking me and FMP_Ed. FMP_Ed even got a drawing from the Ninja Chibi Art....er "you have been caught by the Ninja Chibi Art" or something like that. uhh we accidentally got people thinking RoyEd cause I was hugging FMP_Ed out of friendship *rolls eyes*. Ah yes the Human Chess Match was amazing this year, as stated earlier, the plot is to decide who gets the Deathnote book, Yusuke or Yomiko. Anyway, here's the photos from day 2 and our last day at Metrocon T T, we couldn't stay for the last day. And there's an interesting story behind that one photo of me with Riza. A small Yaoi fanservice coming up!

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Fanfiction; "Himself Incited" [Jean Havoc/Roy Mustang ; Rated NC-17]

Title: Himself Incited
Author: ceasefire
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Jean Havoc and Roy Mustang
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2674
Warnings: Graphic sexual scenes.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is the rightful property of Hiromu Arakawa. This is a fanwork written purely for both your entertainment and mine.

This is all mistr3ssquickly’s fault. XD This is a prequel to her fic, "Himself Surprised".

Jean was almost entirely sure that Roy was just trying to get a rise out of him by doing this.

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New toy news

Eh, I don't think ppl mostly write about toys or merchandices, but I thought it might be relevant for any FMA fans who collect FMA toys

Southen Island has announced their partnership with Medicom to distribute the 12" Medicom Full Metal Alchemist figures in North America.

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Both Medicom 1/6 Scale Full Metal Alchemist figures are currently available for preorder and will ship this November. Edward Elric will retail for approx. $115 and Alphonse Elric will retail for approx. $125.

Source: http://www.figures.com/databases/action.cgi?setup_file=fignews2.setup&category=actionfigures&topic=227&show_article=18&nl=1

to the mods: if this site doesn't allow toy news and only manga/anime related, please go ahead and delete this post. i didn't see it in the rules if it was okay or not.



EDIT 2: I don't think people understood me when I said Medicom toys, so let me explain why I think it's worth it. Medicom is a company that makes DOLLS! that's right. DOLLS. This is NOT an action figure, not the ones you bought from Kotobukia. Al is more like an action figure it seems, but my guess is, it'll have joints like dolls. Medicom is well known for making recently the Rei and Asuka Dolls.

AND YES ED's Clothes are REMOVEABLE and he has a doll body! I'm not sure from the look of the pictures how much body is shown, but th descpition does say Ed is made up of soft vinyl, which is the same material used for barbie dolls. (I think ^^;;) So it might be possible to sew new clothes for Ed and dress him up ^_^

My only problem with these dolls is that Ed and Al are same height. that totally sucks T.T
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Material & Story Side Artbooks & Book in Red for sale

I hate to let these go, but something important has come up and I need to sell some stuff. So I have for sale today two artbooks, Material & Story Side, both in excellent condition. I also have the Book in Red figure with mini manga book, new in box. It has been removed once for display only. I'm asking $15 for one book, or $25 for both, and $10 for the Book In Red. Shipping will depend on where you live. I can only accept Paypal as payment.

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Email me at jwag357@yahoo.com if interested, thanks. ^^