June 6th, 2006

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I didn't know whether I wanted to draw him frustrated or exhausted, so I chose a middle-ground. *laughs* My Grandma likes his eyebrow.

Shi painter ate the Ed face I drew in the background, and then I didn't feel like working on it anymore because I liked that part. BOOO

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anime VS manga

What's the difference between the manga and the anime??? Sorry if I sound stupid or something..

I thought the Fullmetal manga is just like Gakuen Alice.. the stories in the manga are the same (or almost) with the anime..

Is the manga nicer than the show??
Het OT3


Okay, not really. Never-the-less, Touka Koukan's Red Flamel Fanfiction Contest is all sad and lonely with it's mere seven entries. Therefore I'm going to offer an extension. Deadline is June 15 right now but if you come up to me on the 14 saying you need a few more days, we'll work it out.

I'll remind you the theme is smut and humor and we have prizes. Have Roy fall off the bed. Have a poor Elric get his eyes burned out as he walks in on his brother (MY EYES. THEY BLEED.). Have something unusual get stuck in an unusual spot (what do you MEAN it won't come out???) or, far worse, lost in an unusual spot (I...I think it went too far...).


A) ONE FMA DOUJINSHI, courtesy of Sockren.

B) ONE FMA MANGA, courtesy of Kalika. 

C) ONE FMA NOVEL, courtesy of alxed_lover.

More info here.

I'm told I picked something too difficult. Feel free to make suggestions you think would make for an easier contest next time. My only criteria is that we only host contest that promote things our fandom likes to overlook (i.e. we don't need more angst).
BSG Kara - Badass


LOL. I dont even know.

Okay- I realize this is probably REALLY bad but I did it in seriously like 5 seconds. I had to get it out of my system XDDD

Rating= PG?
DESC= lol... They were s'posed to look suprised, like they had just turned their heads and they were closer than they thought but I FAILED.

It scanned purple... D:


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Noctis [FF Versus XIII]

Charm [Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction]

This was written for havoc_jean for his birthday. Just a little bit of silliness fun with no real dramatic plot or angst. ^_^

Title: Charm
Characters: Havoc/Roy
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Ed's potty mouth, weird silliness. I think that's it.
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to Hiromu Arakawa
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 4,151
Summary: Roy is losing it, except he doesn't know what 'it' is.

(Ever feel like women are grouped together in clicks and are just laughing at you?)

Beware of the lurking fake cut! XD
[girl] won the world at a carnivale

(Fic) Alfons/Ed - Crossroads - PG

Title: Crossroads
Rating: PG
Pairing: Alfons x Edward
A/N: This was written for hime1999 because I thought she deserved something in return for all of her wonderful art!
Summary: He sighed deeply feeling the strain from the day seep from his bones with each breath Edward drew in, as if he was inhaling every worry Al himself had and making it disappear.

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See a Dae post? It means FANARTS!

Well, after a necessary hiatus for my brain safety, today our service proposes you a variety of smexy dishes, including cosplay, military!Greed and Kimbly facing a narcissistic homosexuality/masturbation dilemma (and, of course, Archer/Kimbly, our forte).
Overall WORKSAFE BUT SPICY so access at your on risk.

Roy/Archer collab with sima_zhongda - NC-17
My Bravest Sailor (Archer/Kimbly) - PG-13
Canon (Archer/Kimbly) - PG-13
Better Alone (Kimbly/Kimbly/Kimbly) - NC-17
Military!Greed - G
Military!Greed/Archer/Kimbly - G

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