June 4th, 2006

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Hi and I'm new here. Just want to meet you all. Uhh and FILIPINO fans of FMA please post here about yourself. Just want to meet you all.

I'm a filipino too..just a bit..I mean like 1/100..all because I live in Philippines I consider myself as one..

AMV- "I Do"

While Fullmetal Pants is on hold, Toby brings you a more serious-toned AMV, set to the movie canon, and once again, in Italian.

It's not technically meant to be promoting any pairings, but if one opens subtext it seems to have hints of Mustang/Hawkeye, Ed/Winry, Ed/Noa, Roy/Ed, Heiderich/Ed, Elricest... oh heck, let's just call it a slut!Ed video.  XD

But on all serious levels, it's just a chronicle of the platonic canon relationships, which I love best.  Please watch it and let me know if it was enjoyed!  

"I Do."

"I look towards the future and smile, no longer fearing anything..."

(Fake cut.)

BSG Kara - Badass


Hey, I was wondering if anyone had themselves or knew a site that had, hopefully nice, screencaps?

SPOILERS MAYBE (early series though)

To be more specific im looking for caps of the episode where Ed is stuck in the Central hospital, and Winry has to go to Central to fix him. I cant for the LIFE of my remember the title of the episode XD (and im too lazy to go look through my DVDs)

Its fairly early in the series, after Lab 5, and its the episode where Al thinks his memories are fake and runs away. Ed looks so hot in that episode and I dont knooooow I want to draw him and that episode hes my favorite.... :D -innocent look-

But if anyone has screencaps PLZ share XD or if theres a website I can get it from.

AlphonseElric by lilang_luha

[FIC] Underneath - Part 11

Title: Underneath – Part 11: “Love Letter”
Author: Lilang Luha
Rating: PG-13 here, R overall
Genre: romance, shonen-ai, comedy, fluff, drama, eventual AU? eventual smut?
Pairing: Roy x Ed, others
Author Notes: Don’t own FMA. Blah, blah, blah. See the Prologue.
xposted in: fma_yaoi, fm_alchemist, fullservicefma
Beta’s: jadedsilk & DarkIlluser
Status: Continuing
Spoilers: None
Summary: Ed in schoolgirl outfit. Love triangle, or octagon. Amestrian school. Drama and Quirk. Yadda yadda…

Ed wasn’t happy about the Colonel receiving a love letter...

Thanks much!
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