June 3rd, 2006

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Fanart and cosplay!

Doing the baseball cap quest on Ragnarok Online made me want to draw someone IN a baseball cap...only, when I started doodling, it ended up being Al. Anyone who knows me knows I loooove drawing Al with his ponytail, so it's not a big surprise that that's what I ended up sketching. XD I just thought I'd share, even though it's just a doodle, before I forgot I ever drew it lol.

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PS! I dunno if any of you were at Fanime, but my friend and I went as movie Ed and Al, so I thought I'd stick up a pic of that too just for fun:

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[AMV] Getcha head in the Game

You guys would not believe how many FMA videos I've been making X_x;

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Critiques are loved, but PLEASE. I realize that theres subtitles, and a pesky Div-X logo in the corner. Unfortunately, I don't have any programs to really get rid of them, though. Some clips are from the State VS. Homunculi OVA, which is unsubbed. So please, just avoid comments on that. Anything else, I would love ^___^;
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"Patching Up"

Fiction: Patching Up
Author: keishiko
Pairing: None really, but EdxWin if you have the faith.
Genre: Angst, Drama
Rating: G
Warnings: none.
Word Count: a bit under 2,500.
Summary: When the Elrics come back to Risenbul four years after they left, it isn't just Ed's automail that needs fixing.

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I took quite a bit of literary license here, I think, but please be so kind as to tell me if I’ve gone too far anywhere. ^.^;

And yes, Winry Rockbell sews. She also makes pie and really great automail. There isn’t anything she can’t do, is there? ^.^

Cross-posted a bit. Sorry for the flooding.
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[UruMani] Nina Sakura

FMA fic: 'Memento' (Roy x Ed, post-movie AU, PG)

Title: Memento
Author: pandarot
Beta: followthecor
Rating: PG
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Word Count: 1568
Notes: Might contain movie spoilers, but I twisted some things a bit so it's more of an AU, really.

( To Edward, all those words would only make matters worse, but somehow, Roy Mustang always knew and understood what Edward had in mind even before he said it out loud. )

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[Fic] Time of the Cherries--Roy+Riza

For: ceasefire
This was written for the community over at fma_exchange But, I thought I'd share here, too!
Summary: A walk in the boulevards of Central during Springtime. Sometimes being strong means admitting to weaknesses--even if they aren't really weaknesses at all.
Pairing: Roy and Riza. Not really x, but more like +?
Rating: PG. Or G, even.

Disclaimer: FMA does not belong to me.

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