May 30th, 2006

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Some FMA ps2 game 3 clips

Hey everyone i ran into some of the 3rd playstion2 game clips that someone upload at youtube and i wanted to post them here to show everyone. I don't know if its been posted here before so if so sorry for reposting it. Also since its imported their isn't any subtitles but its still awsome to watch. Enjoy ^_^
PoT / YanaKiri

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iconage. <3 xposted like w0ah, so please forgive.

been so long since I actually posted icons. o_o like.. last year. omfg. it's mixed. sorry. too lazy to organize it or something. ^^ there's a lot of duplicates so.. ^^;;

Fullmetal Alchemist [9]
Kingdom Hearts [1]
Gundam SEED [2]
Saiyuki [1]
Hunter X Hunter [3]
Loveless [1]
Misc. [1]

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Hi! ^__^

This is my first fic on livejournal, as well as for this fandom...I hope you enjoy it!

Title: Nocturne (Chapter 1/?)
Author: silver_drake
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen, Horror
Pairing: was originally supposed to be Roy/Al. that didn't pan out, some hints may or may not remain in future chapters. Also, will be used to air some theories I have about the arrays.
Author Notes: We're still waiting on the results of the bloodtest, but I somehow doubt that I'm Arakawa-sensei, or anyone affiliated with BONES...which probably makes it safe to assume that I don't own FMA.
Xpost: my journal
Beta: fullmalkie
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 932
Summary: When a series of alchemical murders occur in East City, the Elric brothers may end up facing an enemy right out of a campfire tale...

I'm teh dae and I bring you fanfics D:

Well, basically I was bored because I noticed there are not enought Archer/Kimbly fanfictions so I drabbled a little.
A special hug to rayneuke who had the extreme patience to fix the grammar/Engrish errors XD

A Personal Memento
rating: G / words count: 223
-Why should I need something like that..?-

Cheap Lemon Service
rating: PG-13 for language (OMG, a stupid sentence in the end!)? / words count: 409
-Well? Will you give me that little service..?-

Fantasia per Piano
rating: G / words count: 197
-...Did I wake you up..?-

rating: G / words count: 631
-So the bastard is dead, eh?-

Happily 'faked to _deadlyweapons_

FIC: Shades of Whimsical, PG, Ghost Story

Title: Shades of Whimsical
Author: Katowisp
Spoilers?: N/A
Rating: PG?
Warnings: N/A. I guess slightly creepy factor. It's very nearly a ghost story!
xposted to fullservicefma
Word Count: 2862

Summary: Edward Elric does not believe in ghosts. Unfortunately, they believe in him.

This was written for the fullservicefma contest, which will be judged shortly? Anyway, thanks to ketita who looked this over for me back when it was still really rough. It's cleaned up since then, but could still probably use her sharp eye. ;)

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AlphonseElric by lilang_luha

[FIC] Broken Waltz

Title: Broken Waltz (One-shot)
Lilang Luha
Rating: R

Angst, Dark/Death-fic, borderline Gen. fic
very implied Roy x Ed
Author Notes:
Don’t own FMA. Blah, blah, blah. This was written for the May Contest for fullservicefma. It’s the 1st fanfiction contest I’ve participated in, so thanks very much to the beta’s and grain_of_sand for helping. It’s rather dark and there is death, hence it is not for the light-hearted.
Xpost: fullservicefma, fm_alchemist

Beta’s: lgndry_youkai, seven_virtues
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 1,207
Summary: “He’s been sitting there drawing those weird things on the walls all week….”

Read on wheeee!
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