May 28th, 2006

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[1-shot fic][You can pick your family, but not their friends.][PG] Gracia + Roy, BFF!!

In honor of my extremely awesome day yesterday (which included shopping with my mom, seeing a movie with my dad, and getting a job offer --the-- job offer I've been waiting and hoping for),  I bring you all some fic. 

Written for 20_philosophies, a neat little community for which my offering is probably a bad example because it's a little long. But since Gracia and Roy have about thirty seconds worth of screen time together on the show, I've got to write something to build their relationship off of, right? 

Title: You can pick your family, but not their friends.
Author: Lady Eldaelen
Group: The platonic relationship of Gracia Hughes and Roy Mustang... with a hint of Maes on the side.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Total anime series spoilers. FMA is not mine. 

( onward to the fic! )

Oh Ho hatachiin porn

Pride!Ed fanart

Title: Dark Angel
Artist: edo_fangirl
Rating: none, totally work-safe, if Ed as Pride is work-safe for you. XD
Notes: Another church doodle, again of Pride!Ed, as I am OBSESSED with him. *glomps* It's just a pen sketch, something to keep my ADHD at bay. Yay for multitasking in church! hehe Instead of neko ears, though, I decided to go with smexy demon wings. hyuuuu!
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This is probably a silly question and probably asked once before, but I couldn't find it so I'll ask again anyways. Don't hurt me!

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Anime North for the day and we both bought one of those National Alchemist Pocket Watches. They were both made from different metals and of different prices, of course. But that didn't matter to us, since the make was completely similar. It was while we were in line for the Masquerade (a whooping two hour wait in line and then a complete hotel lock down because of a missing person), we took out both watches and spent a ton of time looking at them and then we noticed something.

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And then my second question, to those who have one of those watches already.. how does it work? I mean, I know how to wind it up to the right time and all but what I'm wondering is if it's battery operated or what? It didn't specify a battery type on the boxes and on both watches, I don't see a place where you would open it. My friend said that they might be the wind up type, but I'm not so sure. I just want to know what to do if it stops moving.

Sorry for so many questions. .__. This was the biggest investment I've ever made at a con.
MCR - make some noise

Anime North Pics

I just ot back from Anime North this evening, it was the best three days of my life! Here are four of the many pictures of my cosplay group from Anime North. I went as Edward and my best friend Hannah dressed up as Envy so we could support the pairing. <3 My sister was Wrath and her boyfriend, Shayne was Greed, plus our friend Sophie dressed as Lust. We had an amazing time!
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Lines // A Shou Tucker fanfic.

title: Lines
author: experienced/lostfragment
fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
pairing/characters: Shou Tucker, Nina Tucker, mentions of Alexander the dog and Edward Elric
rating: PG
summary: The lines criss-crossed, forming patterns, faces, the demons of his past, present and future, a picture of his mutilated daughter and her dog.
author's notes: Eee. I have a feeling this fic is a touch cliche. Ah, well. I'm proud of it.

Lines - A Shou Tucker fanfic.
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FMA stuff for sale

mini file
FMA countdown calendar set from Newtype in 2004
Ed metallic badge

located here.

maybe soon?
FMA posters (x2)
funeral!Roy bromide
Scar gashapon
Ed, Roy (x2) figurines
Oh Ho hatachiin porn

MORE Pride!Ed fanart

Title: Smiling Pride!Ed
Artist: edo_fangirl
Rating/warning: None, this is worksafe. :3
Notes: My muse was working overtime today, and churned out another Pride!Ed sketch. I drew this while sitting in the hospital visiting someone with the 'rents. As to WHY Pride is smiling, and not his sullen, cocky, maybe he just had a bout of mind-blowing sex with Greed!Ling. hehe *fangirliness ensues* Hmmm, now that's definitely an image for another project...*shoots pointed look at fanfic-reading muse*
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