May 26th, 2006

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I want to draw a picture/s of Ed and I'm not sure which picture/s of Ed to draw. I can't draw an original one cuz I'm just not that creative and I'm better off just copying. If I can and if i like them, I'll try to draw every picture suggested (that may be impossible, but it's summer vacation and there's nothing better to do so I'll try). I wanna post the finish product/s, but unfortunatley I don't have a scanner, plus I'm gonna give it as a gift to a special certain someone...
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Edward Elric Cosplay

This costume was made last July, and I have only worn it twice (never been worn to a con). I am trying to figure out how much it is worth because everying minus the pants and the gloves were made/altered by me (once I find out a good listing price, I will be putting the entire thing up on Ebay). I'm 5'4 1/2", and because I have a 32" inseam, the pants and coat are long (The costume being worn so you get an idea of how it looks).

Note: Unless someone is interested in buying it outright, I might work something out, but I am just really trying to get a feel for what people would pay for a complete costume.

Please click on images to see a larger picture

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Fox's Ed Jacket

Yay, here're some pictures of my Ed jacket. I really like the material as it does neat anime-like wind effects with the slightest breeze. It was personally made for me by my friend, so there was lots of consulting with the manga and anime screenshots to figure stuff out.

Yesterday someone behind me in HEB said "Hey, look at her, she's wearing Ed's jacket from Fullmetal Alchemist!" Randomness is fun.

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[Bulba] Scarf

[fanart] Alphonse x2! Havoc! Ling! AN EXTRAVAGANZA!

Well, almost an extravaganza.  .....  Okay, not at all >_>;

So, uh, 'sup guys?  I bring artses with me, as I realize I rarely ever post my artses here.  One can be considered vaguely spoilerish if you've never seen movie!Al, and the other isn't spoilery at all unless you don't know who people from xing are...  some... how....  errrrr.   :D

To the artses!


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Ultimate Question!: 
If either of these were available for prints, which would you prefer?  And would you consider buying them?   :D;;;  */random feedback request*

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NC-17 RoyXEd art

Hello, again. This time its NC-17 again. I seem to have gone back to normal and stopped drawing G-rated pics. So no lookie if you're uncomfortable with these things OR if your mommy will spank you for seeing this. 

Title: For crystalmew
Pairing: Roy X Ed 
Kinkyness Level: High 
Rating: NC-17

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Icon dump

Silent Hill - 33 icons
Resident Evil 4 - 12 icons
Fullmetal Alchemist (WARNING: icon #50 contains a spoiler for chapter 53 of the manga) - 9 icons
Legend of Zelda - 5 icons
Misc. (Batman: the Animated Series, The Emperor's New Groove) - 2 icons


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free fall

[Fan Art] Envy (as Ed) x Al in "Jeux d' Envie"

This is a (belated) birthday fan art for mikkeneko and kaltia, as well as a somewhat-on-time-but-not-really birthday fan art for kalikamaxwell, in the spirit of their collab. fic, Jeux d' Envie.

'He likes to have the boy curl in his lap like an animal, likes to pet him like the lapdog he is. His own faithful dog, that comes back despite frequent kicks.' ~Part I, Jeux d' Envie

(click text link to view the entire image)

This, folks, is why you do not browse the journals of random users while feeling particularly productive. You are compelled to actually do something. =D