May 24th, 2006


+/- 530 icons

I've made so many icons that I've decided I should just upload them all to share them and the easiest way seemed to be making an icon journal for them all. So here we go:

There's about 530 FMA icons in there now, lots of Edward, Alphonse, Roy and many others, I'll probably update it over time. Please follow the rules found in the journal and mainly, enjoy!
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katamari -ac/dc-

Edward Fanart.

Title:Hey, big man.
Artist:Ezgi (boopkit)
Spoilers:Of course not.

fake-cut to refectory

whored, becuase ed is a whore, duh.i cant make any sense today, no matter how i try. D:
JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

59 FMA Icons~☆

Nnnn~ I´ve made a bunch of new icons, although I didn´t really feel like doing so.
Therefore I personally don´t like most of the icons this time >____> I just wanted to make FMA icons, but I didn´t have any good ideas (;___;)
Nya~ here we go


Icons in this post: [72]

[59] x Fullmetal Alchemist
[04] x Peach Girl
[04] x Aishiteruze Baby
[03] x Minami Ozaki
[01] x Tsubasa Chronicles
[01] x Prince of Tennis

(Ready Steady Go~☆)

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Icon for random

05 x Arina Tanemura works
14 x CLAMP works
12 x Fullmetal Alchemist (EOS and movie spoiler)
04 x Kingdom Hearts 2 (opening spoiler)
03 x NANA
08 x Rurouni Kenshin
03 x Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

( look for more? )
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lousy fake doctor
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Edo Fanart~

Eeee all the pretty arts people post are inspiring! I feel bad lurking in this comm all the time and not doing anything... heheh... so~~~

Hm... follow the cut~? ♥

Collapse )
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New CBS Icon

AMV Pimpage *Spoilers*

I just made a new AMV. I'm actually rediculously proud of it. It has to be the best work I've ever done, and done on Ulead Video Studio 8SE, which kinda sucks (but it's all I have right now).

TouTube kills, but you can find it here: Nothing I Won't Give

Of course, if you want to download it, you can do that here: YouSendIt Link

The song is titled "Nothing I Won't Give", and sung by Vic Mignogna.

Erk: I shoulda added there are spoilers for the end of the series and teensy spoilers for the movie. Sorry!
Blasphemy, final

(no subject)

Title: Bleeding Hearts ~ Chapter II
Author: AuraLenaFrost
Pairing: .... None?
Rating: PG for deathish/dark themes... Mebbe a PG-13 for this chapter, I dunno though... A bit of a beatdown, 'sall...
I continue yet again! Comment, read, please give me feedback, this is the first fic I've actually dedicated three chapters worth of work into since I was in the sixth grade... ^_^ Arigatou!


Fanfic: Lost

Title: Lost
Fandom: FMA (anime version)
Character(s): Sheska
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers for episodes 25 and (if you squint) 38.
A/N: Not my first finished FMA 'fic (and certainly not my first foray into creative writing -- that was thirty-odd years ago), but the first one to make it out of beta. Critique welcomed. Crossposted to nebroadwe.


They promised to initiate her into the mysteries of cataloging -- of assigning subject headings, correcting series tracings, even editing name authority records -- after she served her novitiate in circulation and the stacks. Collapse )
AlphonseElric by lilang_luha

[FIC] Underneath - Part 10

Title: Underneath – Part 10: “Instant Love”
Author: Lilang Luha
Rating: PG-13 here, R overall
Genre: romance, shonen-ai, comedy, fluff, eventual AU? eventual smut?
Pairing: Roy x Ed, others
Author Notes: Don’t own FMA. Blah, blah, blah. See the Prologue.
xposted in: fma_yaoi, fm_alchemist, fullservicefma
Beta’s: jadedsilk and DarkIlluser
: Continuing
Spoilers: None
Summary: Ed in schoolgirl outfit. Love triangle, or octagon. Amestrian school. Drama and Quirk. Yadda yadda…

The next day was a bit awkward for Edward, but more so for Ms. Steltz, who couldn’t help but feel the imaginary needles of Edward’s gaze...

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My little sisters (they're in 3rd grade) are having a birthday party next week, and they were thinking about games.  One of them came up with the absolutely brilliant idea of playing  "Pin the Braid on the Edward".  
now I have many mental pictures of Ed spazzing over this idea.  
Just thought you might find this amusing.

On a different note, today is another holiday: Yom Yerushalayim, and so I bring more fanart.

This time it's some of our favorite military goons. 

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Fic Dump

TITLE: Better then the original
PAIRING: Ling/Pride!Ed
WORDS: 200 
FOOTNOTES: Companion to 
THIS, Not Beta-ed, SHORT SHORT SHORT! A Follow up is coming and it will be longer ;) 


And... OMFG Ling/Ed/Russell!

TITLE: Pet Name
PAIRING: Ling/Ed/Russell
FOOT NOTES: This isn’t the one I was working on a while back, this bunny just hit me last night, and it was a cute take on how this threesome would work. Oh... um, not beta'd.


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Things I'll Never Say Chapter 6 : Connections of Pain

Title: Things I'll Never Say
: The following story was inspired by the song Things I'll never say by Avril Lavigne. As soon as I heard this song I thought of Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell. This fic also takes place after the series but without taking the movie into account. Only in this Al get's his body back and remembers everything (Also, these chapters are going to be short for a reason) Rating : R <---- oooo I what that could mean??
 Pairing: Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell
Fandom: FullMetal Alchemist
: FullMetal Alchemist and all associated characters, locations, and creations © Hiromu Arakawa. I started writing this story to satisfiy my writer's block in other fics, but it seems to be blossoming into something more. Let me know what you think.

"Prologue - Chapter 2" ----"Chapter 3" ----- "Chapter 4"----- "Chapter 5"

"Chapter 6 : Connections of Pain"
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