May 23rd, 2006


Scary Fanarts for you, as usual <3

New art dumpage D: !
Today's menu consists of Archer/Kimbly, molested Roy and a disturbingly devoted Greed.
WARNINGS: NC-17 (it means "porn"), AU, fangirling, crack

. Ishbal!AU Archer/Kimbly -NOT WORKSAFE
. [30_NIGHTS] new themes
. Archer/Kimbly gunkinks -NOT WORKSAFE
. Prisoner!Kimbly -NOT WORKSAFE

And my fresh stuff from the last y!G's update
. 'Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap' -NOT WORKSAFE
. 'Sin and Sinner' -NOT WORKSAFE

'Faked at refectory.
Ed- How you doin&#39;?
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Call for Entries!

The Fanfiction section is having a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic contest his month! The contest guidelines are here. Any FMA fic that is rated a hard PG-13 or under and is based on the anime or video game canon is eligible. (For those not sure about the rating, a Teen rating for video games might be a more apt comparison. If you aren't sure, send it in anyway.) It can even be a fic you wrote a long time ago- you don't have to write something brand new for this contest unless you want to.

Entries need to be emailed to before Friday, June 23rd. Be sure to put [CONTEST] in the subject line of your email and include your penname and the title of your fic in the body of your email. All fanfics must be sent as attachments and should follow our usual submission guidelines.

All submissions that meet the guidelines will be posted in one of our weekly updates and then the winner(s) will be featured in yet another update. Winners will receive a banner- at least. I may be able to swing a small prize for first place, but don't hold me to that. And that's only if we get a ton of great entries- so send in tons of fics, guys! Good luck!


Okay. I'm off my realism kick and I'm back to anime now.

I thought I'd post something that I'd been working on. The actual pic is no where near finished but I thought Edward had such a strange expression that I wanted to know what you guys thought he was looking at/saying.

So I present Edward and a speechbubble. (Please ignore the earring and the fact his hair is in a ponytail, not a braid. Also, please ignore the fact that his hairline is faaaaar too low.)

Blasphemy, final

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Title: Bleeding Hearts ~ Chapter I
Author: AuraLenaFrost
Pairing: .... None?
Rating: PG for deathish/dark themes
Yeah, yeah, I did continue it- >< I'm such a lazy person, really, but I am occasionally motivated to continue things that I find myself fond of. Here's Chapter I, dahlings- do read the prologue first.

[F] clockwork man
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[Mod] Again with the mod posts!

Okay, after seeing this, we fm_a mods have decided to add a new rule. I drew the short end of the straw and got to be the one posting about it, lucky me.

As of now, fan clubs for either the Japanese or English voice actors must take their rivalry off fm_alchemist. I know there's a lot of you guys, and that's fine, the fact that you have large packs to run with ain't my concern. But when you start bringing your mock war into this comm, that's where it gets off topic and members start getting annoyed (to put it mildly). I do not consider the formation of fan-clubs off topic; feel free, should you make a fan club for any particular actor, to make a post about it here. After that, however, you're done.

If you wish to continue your rivalry, by all means, feel free... but not here. Make another community for it, like fma_fanwars or something, and tell me when you do so I can stick it up in the user info. Similarly, if you have an LJ community for your fanclub, or know of the LJ community for a fanclub, lemme know what it is so I can chuck it in the profile. Got that?

Now play nice and stop giving me headaches. I have an exam tomorrow and if I get hauled out of watching the Matrix for like, the 50th time. What, the exam's on Science Fiction my intense study schedule of reading Wincest porn when I'm not watching the Matrix again, I will eat the offender whole. Without sauce. Feet first.

Edit: Okay, so wofl_iron totally misunderstood me and made fma_fanwars as a place to wank in, so I'd suggest the Risembool Rangers and the Miniskirt Army find somewhere else.
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(no subject)

Hey all- Im just introducing myself briefly- im Pinkie! Nice to meet you all ^^

Okay, ive tried EVERYWHERE to find a REALLY GOOD refrence of the State Alchemist's uniform. Does anyone have a good refrence? It doesnt matter if its drawn or a screen cap or anything. I just need see the whole thing. Ive even looked in all my mangas! XD -tard-

AAAAND I have another question! I read... somewhere (already dont remember where. No brain!) that Conqueror of Shambala would be released IN THEATERS early September, then released on DVD later September (along with the last manga?) Does anyone know if this is true, or just a rumour? I think I got it from one of the voice actors LJ, so unless im making stuff up (Like I said, no brain) Im just wondering if anyone knows if this is true? Thanks!

SO YES. Thank you all!
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Anime North anyone?

AN 06 is this coming weekend! Who here is going to cosplay? Also, are we up for a photoshoot or what? On Saturday maybe?

I'm going as fandom!Al (green coat) with my sister as Ed. We should be easy to recognize. For the record, we'll gleefully play Elricest for pictures, just ask. Actually, we'll be as slutty as needed. Bring on the crack and molest at will. I want to hug a Winry...

By the way, the English FMA VAs who will be at AN are Colleen Clinkenbeard (Rose, Hawkeye) and Sonny Strait (Hughes). Laura Bailey (Lust) cancelled.
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Waste Land [Chapter 9, part 2] Ed x Envy; R

Title: Waste Land [Chapter 9] (Part 2 of 2)
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb]
Rating: R for this chapter.
Genre: Drama. Angst. Tragedy. Horror. Everything else. Etc.
Spoilers and Notes: See previous.
Pairing: Ed x Envy.
Warnings: Squick, gore, etc. If you've made it this far, you should have no trouble making it the rest of the way, though.

Second part of chapter nine.

Previous parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (p1)


whored to fm_alchemist, fma_yaoi, envy_x_ed, envyedo, and ambreficcage, which is my fic journal

Armstrong x Ed Smut

TITLE: Truth and Consequences
PAIRING: Armstrong x Ed
WARNINGS: Uh… sparkles? Bad Latin (someone please correct this!). Oh and voyeurism, bondage, spanking, non-con and OMFG ARMSTRONG!
A/N: A/U version of the events in episode 43-44. Although it's not absolutely necessary to read the two fics that set up the backstory of this AU, it's probably helpful. They are The Test (NC-17 12-year-old!Ed non-con, masturbation, voyeurism) and Punishment (NC-17, shota RoyxEd, non-con, voyeurism and serious horse-kink)

Punishment by rape )