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22 May 2006 @ 12:05 am
Hello, just a fanart for all of you, since I haven't posted anything in a long while.

Title: Roy, without his miniskirt, or anything else for that matter.
Rating: NC-17. If you are not old enough to legally view this, then DON'T CLICK. Definitely NOT WORKSAFE.
Characters: Roy Mustang, Blanket

EDIT: Because someone was willing to point it out, you have to be a member of Y-Gallery to see the pic, which is no fun. Thus, I have shoved it on Photobucket, where it'll stay until they T.O.S. it. :P Sorry about the trouble folks.

( Follow the fake-cut :D )

Any comments, and especially criticism are welcome.
22 May 2006 @ 08:43 am
Alright, let's see if this works!

95 Icons
35 - Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist, Stray Dog, Raiden-18)
30 - Jhonen Vasquez (Mostly JtHM)
15 - Hellsing
15 - Castlevania

You're stupid so I don't give a damn. Let's move on. OMG STFU PLZTHXDIE Hey, hey hey! I'm a Supastar! :D Miracles do happen, okies?

(Tastefully Monochrome, or not...)
Number One Spoon
Over at elricsexual, our first Fluff versus Angst contest is reaching its conclusion. This is a fic-writing contest where authors team up to represent either the fluffy or the angsty side of fanfiction, and fic accordingly. Almost all of the stories have been posted (there are two more to come over the next few days), and now we are looking for people who might be interested in reading these fics to come on over!

This contest specifically focuses on Elricest: that is, the non-canon (but very pleasing) romantic pairing of Edward and Alphonse Elric. [Don't know quite what that means? A very good defense/explanation of the pairing can be found here.]

Reading, commenting, and even leaving a rating are open to anyone who gives our authors the courtesy of checking out their stories. Anyone can vote; you do not need to join the elricsexual community to do so (although this of course is not discouraged). We are asking that stories be rated on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, and 1 being the worst. Look down for some more details about scoring the fics, but first, here are the stories:

Team Angst

thebluedanube: The Night Train (rated G)
feast: Encroach (rated NC-17)
annabeth: World's Apart (NC-17)
wofl_iron: The Day of Dust (PG-13)
thewolfplush: Map of Stars (R )
tears_priestess: 21 (PG-13)
maypirate: Your One F**k Fantasy (NC-17)
chiharu_octavia: Tod der Maschine (PG-13)

Team Fluff

l_envyxedward_l: The Night Train (PG-13)
icedark_elf: Promises (PG-13)
cryogenia: Things Overheard (R )
hieronymousb: Crystal and Glass (PG-13)
maxxim_huzzah: Just a Little Self-Indulgent (NC-17)
kaltia: Once Upon a Time (NC-17)
mikkeneko: Closing Time (Pg-13)
jmtorres: Constellations (G)

Each of these stories was written to a theme: specifics on the theme titles can be found here.

If you do happen to decide to vote, please read thisCollapse )

There are still two stories due: they should all be posted before the 23rd. Please check the elricsexual comm directly to find these fics: I'll try to edit my posts so as to include links once they become available, but I know how easy it is to lose track.

This announcement will be crossposted in elricsexual and fm_alchemist. I apologise to those who will see this posted multiple times, but I do promise that I will not be bumping the announcements. So you'll only be seeing this once for each comm.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully for participating! Enjoy yourself: that's the number one rule, well… for anything.

ETA: VOTING IS NOW EXTENDED TO MAY 27 ON jmtorres' and chiharu_octavia's FICS ONLY
22 May 2006 @ 11:45 am
So for all of you folks who are tempeted to get a little off topic, and want to know who's going to Otakon, who's coplaying who at Otakon, and even, where could all of us cosplayers meet to take some killer group photos, I annouce:

fma_otakon community!!

I am realizing that I am not going to be able to mod this community on my own, but can't imagine that the traffic in the community is going to be that large either, so, if you're going to Otakon, and are interested in Modding, please, let me know!

x-posted like the plague . . .
22 May 2006 @ 02:32 pm
chapter 5 of the weirdness. (Man I love this XD )

And now Part five:

Title:Murphy's Law
Word count: 1034 words
Author: Cofie
Beta: okami_hu well she told me the biggest mistakes but thats mostly all ^^; still her help saves me from overhumiliation on the net. Thanks okami. <3
Characters: Edward Elric and random shop assistant boy
Rating: none
Warnings: I am already begging for forgiveness for the chap 6 that will come after this T_T ;;;

(picture in the middle of the fic)

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22 May 2006 @ 04:37 pm
I'm really sad at the moment, so I just wanted to write a fanfic....enjoy this crappy piece.

Title: War
Author: lilfmagurl
Rating: PG-13, Violence
Warnings: spoilers for those who didn't watch the whole series
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa

why me?Collapse )
The Infinite Blue
22 May 2006 @ 05:32 pm
Title: I’ll Love You More
Chapter: #7, The Calm Before
Previous: 1, I, 2, 3, II, 4, 5, 6, III
Word Count: for those who care
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: PG
Spoilers: for the entire series.
Summary: After six years, the brothers are finally reunited, but will Ed be able to adjust to a world that has long since moved on without him? This is an AU that ignores the movie. Pairings for now are an Ed/Win Al/Win triangle of sorts, with some implied Ed/Hei on the side
Chapter Summary: Ed is slowly recovering, and the air among the three friends develops and uneasy calm…

( Chapter Seven: The Calm Before )

Note: If'n ya still remember this, that is!
22 May 2006 @ 05:57 pm
This little version of Tsuki No Uragawa I'm posting is totally worksafe, though it probably shouldn't be played too loudly. 
It's Roy as a chipmunk, really. Or a squeaky-voiced 4 year old.

Yousendit better effing work now.

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Alfons Heiderich
22 May 2006 @ 07:54 pm
.... but it'll be harder this time!

Lemme see your Alfons icons!

No need to tell me about skycons and another_icon_lj , I'm checking there soon.
『 Kornet, the Popcorn 』
22 May 2006 @ 08:05 pm

Here's a very, very, very late birthday gift for soulsister16, who is too kind to me even when I just started in the LJ. ^^;; This one is inspired by one of those GuessTM print ad I saw a long time ago before I had chicken pox, so she now gets an Edward fanart from me. ^_^;;

( Rest Day )

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Hidden Gems
22 May 2006 @ 08:31 pm
I've finally finished colouring my very first sketch of Ed!!

Link to DA

X-posted to my own journal.
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22 May 2006 @ 08:46 pm
Hello everyone! :3 I decide to leave a post.
I made a layout. :D EdWin for those who love the couple.
ENJOY and please comment :D

Follow le cut~"

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22 May 2006 @ 09:16 pm
I drew this a while ago...actually, it was my first drawing of Greed. And it's disturbing. Homophobes avoid at all costs. XD (Don't worry, it's worksafe.)

Read more...Collapse )

And also stay tuned for more crack from me soon. :3
22 May 2006 @ 11:49 pm
Alright, just popping in to say: knock it off with the dub bashing, sub bashing, and/or manga-anime in general bashing. We just had an angry (now deleted) goodbye post from an (ex) member, and honestly, the bashing just gives me a headache. It's not productive, and it annoys and/or hurts people, 'kay?

If you see any dub, sub, anime or manga bashing - and I don't mean expressing an opinion like 'the anime's okay, but I prefer the manga for xxx reasons,' I mean 'The dub sucks! I don't know why people like it' type-things? Contact one of the mods. If you don't want to contact us through LJ, my email address is kaltia at gmail.com, and I'm a nerd who checks it at least every fifteen minutes. Email me any links and let me or the other mods take care of it; don't let it wind you up to the point where you feel you have no choice but to post a 'goodbye, cruel community!' note.

Anybody caught being a dick and bashing stuff will get a warning their heads flushed down the toilet from us LJ Nazis mods, 'kay? Three warnings and you're out, and we won't miss you. We might celebrate. There may even be party poppers and vodka, although if there is I ain't footing the cleaning bill.

Play nice.
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