May 20th, 2006

Cuteness is Kicking Serious Arse

Art Dump

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Gilded Cage drawing
I know I haven’t posted it of late, but I've been busy with kids. I am planning on posting Gilded finished soon enough though.
Possible Spoilers on Movie Al appearance. Also partial Al nudity.
Rating Pg-13
Warnings I suppose if you read into it it's kind of Elricesty....But I think you'd have to stretch.
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Lust + Envy fanart

I've been giving my copic markers, and FMA a lot of love lately XD. So I drew these whilst watching my 2 new FMA DVDs~ (I desperately wanted vol. 9 T3T;.) Will I make a series of these? Prolly not, though I might draw Sloth and Greed or something, because I like them...?

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I really want to do a Sloth and Greed one...but I can't draw Greed D:. CURSE ME DRAWING SO MUCH MAHO SHOJO FANART RAAAARRRGH.
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history of alchemy article

Okay, this isn't fanfiction or fanart, rather it is an interesting piece I found on alchemy in my chemistry textbook and thought I'd share it with you. NOTE: I DID NOT WRITE THIS, SOMEONE ELSE DID AND I AM JUST POSTING IT. Everyhting is exact, word for word, so I didn' change it. Enjoy! Collapse )
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Balance of Power ~ Chapter Sixteen

Balance of Power ~ Chapter Sixteen
Authors: c_b_s aka, Crackbunny Syndrome
Rating: PG13, maybe light R for language
A/N: Our sincerest apologies for the delay in getting this out. Real life has a way of biting people in the ass.

Also, we apologize for the end of this chapter. Please don't burn us in effigy!

Fake Cut to “You Did What? To Whom? For How Many Cookies?”

“They said you were involved with a terrorist group,” he choked.

“T-terrorist?! And you believed them?”

The rest of the story can be found HERE
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Fic: Dirty Joke, and Vic's New song.

Okay, so, I was going through the Bash quotes, and one of them caught my eye, and I got inspired to finish a half-thought up ficlet.

Title: Dirty Joke
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-13 for dirty jokes (surprise?) and a few other things.
Summary: Roy...isn't funny.

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Fic x-posted(?) on fma_yaoi and fm_alchemist

Oh, and I wanted to mention that Vic wrote/made/something a new song for FMA, "Nothing I Won't Give" and boy am I in love with it. You can find it at the bottom of his profile on Risembool Rangers.
It really is a very sweet song about the Elric Bros.
I hope Vic and the Rangers don't mind me pimping it.
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Vic and Vic-inu

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I heard that this was the greatest FMA community on the internet, so I wanted to join. I also wanted to let any of you who are interested in knowing that the movie will be released in theaters in early September. Yeehaw! It was supposed to be October 3, but it was moved up. Then it will be released on DVD around September 23, the same day as the final volume of the series.

Have a great weekend!

wf-ouran; hikaru; devil

[bases] Manga Chapter One

Going back to the very beginning. Bases made from Manga Chapter One scans, downloaded from .

[031] Alphonse Elric
[017] Priest Cornello
[087] Edward Elric
[011] Aphonse and Edward Elric
[004] Edward Elric and Chimera
[003] Young Edward Elric
[037] Rose
[001] Edward Elric and Rose
[002] Serpent's Cross
[193] Total

Download all 193 here.

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As always, credit is not necessary, but a comment would be appreciated if you're taking/downloading. :)
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