May 7th, 2006

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Multifandom icon post

Twenty-nine icons and six colorbars! :D

12 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
5 Kingdom Hearts
4 FFVII: Advent Children
2 Mystery Science Theater 3000 text-only icons from Hamlet
1 Battle Royale
1 .hack
1 Fullmetal Alchemist
1 Howl's Moving Castle
1 VG Cats
1 Final Fantasy Tactics

4 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
2 Kingdom Hearts


( cut lolololol. )
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Contest reminder!

This is a reminder that's Red Flamel Fanfic Contest is ongoing. The deadline is May 31. Come on, you know you want to enter (well, *I* want you to enter, and you wouldn't want to make me sad, would you?). We have prizes and it is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to your work since we have a few hundred hits every day.

The theme is smut and humor. Yes, both at the same time. Sex is easy to mess up, and it can be quite funny. Think of the fun you can have with first-time fics! The entries will be judged mostly on entertainment value.

All the details (and the rules, please pay attention to those) are here.
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New CBS Icon


Title: "Defeat"
Author: c_b_syndrome
Rating: NC17 for smut. If you're not old enough to be reading this, then don't click the link.
Pairing: Havoc/OC (Yeah, I know this breaks major rules in Fanfic. Just read all the info before blowing it off, please?)
A/N: This was actually a personal challenge. Just to see if I -could- write smut (Yes, it's my first smutfic, how shameful is that?). This is something that'll actually remain in the background of the second arc of "Balance of Power", and it ended up being longer than I'd planned because there was some story-line information that I added that -will- be a plot-point in the second arc. Let's just call that stuff what it is... Outline material. Anyhow, one of the things that will develop in the second arc will be something of a relationship between Havoc and Reilly, but it's not going to be in the spotlight. There is something else that is much more important to that story (which I'm not telling yet. You'll just have to wait until we get to that point). This will be something more hinted at and kept primarily in the background as a sub-plot. In fact, this scene will not even be IN the actual story.

If you haven't been reading the first arc of BoP, please don't flame me with comments about how there are no computers in the FMA world, or about any other "historical innacuracies". I -know- this. Reilly isn't -from- that place, or that time period, and when she crossed over, she brought a few things with her. Just have a little faith in me and know that when the time comes, the explainations will be plausable. I also don't want to hear any wanking about the pairing, kthks.

Any other critiques are welcome. In fact I highly encourage them. Hell, I can beg if you want. ;) I especially want to hear from the guys (and the women who are comfortable writing smut, of course), because I wrote it from the male POV, and... well... I'm not exactly male, yanno?

Finally: This was done to break a 3-week writer's block. I think it might've worked, so hopefully I'll be back on track with BoP shortly.

Summary: Teasing, little black dresses, exquisite torture, one-upmanship, and a hearty nod to havocmangawip because her Havoc is such an adorable lech.

Warning: No spoilers. But gawdawful amounts of fluff and lovely Havoc-sarcasm.

*cross-posted wherever I could get away with it*

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Ed/Winry AMV

Title: So What Now?
Song: Static X - So
Genre: Drama, romance (kinda)
Characters: Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell

I'm not really a 'shipper of this pairing, but I thought the song was perfect for them. This is probably my favorite AMV I've made so far. Hope you like it.