May 6th, 2006


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I was browsing through one of my old Anime Insider magazine's when I came across some FMA stuff for sale. For some reason I didnt notice this months ago, but I thought you would all be interested.

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Title: "The Truth" Chapter 12
Author: esteltinuviel, betas l_frohock_007 and whatshername209
Pairing: EdxWinry
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language, and later, romance
Genre: action, romance (alt. ending)
Spoilers: none
Words: 4052
Notes: I hope I'm doing better on format and in this chapter the romance really starts to develop
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I joined here awhile ago, but this is my first post ~ I come baring icons. ^_^  Several of these were previously posted at the Royai community, when I was not a member of this com. So, if you’re a member of both, you will find some repeats. :3

There’s a mix of characters, but mostly Riza and Roy… Because I icon them a lot. O__o;


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Winry's Birthday?

Uhm -raises hand- ^^; I have a small question. I am having this discussion with my Boyfriend that Winry is older then Ed. I believe I read it somewhere but not quite sure where. We have both been on and it says there Ed's Birthday is October 11. I know they aren't THAT far apart with age and I HAVE LOOKED everywhere, but I was wondering if anyone had an actual birthdate for Winry? Just out of curiosity. xD

Thanks in advance!