May 1st, 2006

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I come bearing spam! XD


A community reserved for fandom recommendations and requests.

In this torrent sea of badfics and pictures, occasionally you find that little gem that you want to share. Here, you may post your recommendations as you find them, no matter what fandom you happen to be in. Pictures, AMV's, other communities, websites and fan fiction are welcome to be shared.
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EDXLUST FOR fma_fuh_q

Title: Do you like that, Fullmetal boy? (oh god i feel so original)
Author: Your Lt. Col. Fresco. boopkit
Rating: NC-17
Genre: EdRape. hasgf.
Spoilers: None.
Pairing: EdxLust
Warnings: Bad images. BAAAD IMAGES. not for you younglings.
Notes: I dont like how this turned out. I felt like I have to post this, thats all. I guess i will revise it, probably. I freaking wanted to draw gore D:

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enjoy ♥
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I bring artwork...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, my friend Dragonnan loves me more than I deserve.

She's been -voluntarily- illustrating "Balance of Power", and she came up with a new one. This one is based on a scene in Chapter 11: "Will Wonders Never Cease?", in which Hughes had made an attempt to cover Ed's automail with latex, and used just a little too much adhesive... The results were... Well... Disaterous. ^^;;

"It Isn't Gonna Work!" (It's worksafe... Thank Goddess you can't hear what Ed's yelling.)

She has it posted up at her DevArt club, "Cowboys~and~Alchemy"

Yes, it's massive link pimpage. ;)
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Drabble Collage

Title: Collage
Author: hotarukat
Pairing: Roy Mustang x Edward Elric
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA. If I did, the anime would have a very different ending.
Summary: A separate, totally unrelated drabble for three themes from 30_kisses, featuring practicaljoke!Ed, showoff!(?)Ed, and overprotective!Ed and overprotective!?Roy. Notice the question marks and make up your own mind. ^_^

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Community question...

Hey I've been searching for somekind of post-series/fanfiction community and an alternate AU/character community but the fm_alchemist memories don't have any listed. I don't feel like going over mountains of pages either. Can someone help me out?
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[Fic] Where You Left Off

Title: Where You Left Off
Rating: G – PG
Pairings: None
Genre: Angst-ish, General.
Warnings: Ahh… I suppose end of the (anime) series spoilers? Not really, though, because it’s just… Ahh… Nevermind. You decide if you want to read it.
Summary: “It was the subtle changes that bothered him the most” [Alphonse-centric]

( Even the sky seemed paler )

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I haven't seen this mentioned on here yet, so I'm curious...did anyone else happen to catch the FMA reference on the OC last Thursday night?

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