April 29th, 2006

YKK Graphics

Icon Crazy

The Deal:

For a while now I've had some icons floating around my hard drive. Some are from a series of internet flash cartoons featuring cute little eggs. Some are from recent episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Some are from a few Full Metal Alchemist doujins I have scans of. I've tried some new techniques with some of them and tried my hand with animating text through Image Ready. I like the way this batch of icons turned out and hopefully you will too. If you like what you see and what I have to offer then feel free to join and/or friend my icon community.

The series:

-Avatar: The Last Airbender
-Full Metal Alchemist
-I Love Egg

The Rules:

-If you take an icon let me know which one it is
-No hotlinking as it will eat the bandwith on my Photobucket account
-Please credit chibihalo or ykkgraphics

The Teasers:

( Get your icons this way )

-Cross posted seveal places. Sorry if you get duplicates on your friends list.
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"Antithesis", Lust x Edward one-shot porn for fma_fuh_q

Title: Antithesis
Author: Ambre [hieronymousb, 'course]
Rating: NC-17
Genre: It smells of angst.
Spoilers: This is yet another fic which diverges from the canon around the time of the war in Lior, so I think it's a bit too AU for any real EoS spoilers.
Pairing: Lust x Ed. ...Or Ed x Lust. Whichever.
Warnings: Smut, of course! ...NON-CON-ISH, damn it. *facepalm* I really wanted to try for some consensual romping between these two, but that would have taken a longer plot-oriented fic (ie what I do for Ed/Envy, wut), and I was just way too lazy to try for a plot-fic. So. Yeah. It tastes of non-con.
Notes: C'mon...isn't Ed/Lust aesthetically pleasing and nonsensical enough to be fun for all?
Count: 5079 words. ...WTF.

(Maybe it was nothing more than a passing fancy, a vague recollection which had thickened in the presence of Lior and war, but when Lust looked at Edward, she saw an intelligence she had known before; she glimpsed warmth, passion, colour, and humanity. The flaws of humanity had been engraved upon his metal limbs, and the potential of humanity was written within his mind)