April 26th, 2006

Havoc Fanart

Heh...fanart I've been meaning to do for a while, now. I ended up doing this because I just recently heard that Mike McFarland was going to be at our Armageddon Convention here in New Zealand this weekend, and I wanted to give him something personal from myself and...well...art's all I really do, it seems.

Now I just wonder how on earth I can hand it over to him, considering I'm so darn nervous and don't feel it's really good enough for him. ^^; I'm fussy like that. In any case - hope you enjoy (Havoc deserves more love anyways!)

Jean Havoc...my classic chibi or a faceshot? I couldn't decide, so...

By the way - Thanks to all those who comment on my entries with nice words about the comics and art - I'm sorry I hardly ever reply. It's not you, I just hardly get much time these days - but I read and love everything! <3
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Stinkface Spazzy

doujinshi question...

Hey, sorry if this has been asked before but I don't remember seeing it and I checked them memories...

Anyways, does anyone know how many FMA doujins IDEA has made? I have two of them, Deep Reverb, and one other which I can't think of the name right now. I know there's at least one more that I need, Blue Flame I think it's called? But are there any more?

Thanks! ^_^
Shizu-chan and Celty-san

Multi-Fandom Friending Frenzy

I hope this is all right. Lemme know if it's not, mods ^__^

I'm hosting a multi-fandom friending frenzy over at my LJ. Right here. It's a great way to find new LJ friends from a variety of fandoms rather than just a single one being spotlighted. I'd be stoked to have some more FMA fans drop by.

Just fill out the template and post it in a comment to the post, then peruse who's already put up their applications, see if there is anyone you wanna friend. Multi-fandom = increased chances of finding compatible friends!

Open to everyone and anyone involved in fandoms, be they anime, manga, TV, movie, book, video game, etc.
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Master of Disguise?

Volume 7

I've heard that volume 7 is out and I have a question for those who have it. (If any. My bookstore is evil ToT)

Anyway, what I wanted to know was whether or not the gaiden/side story 'Fight on: Second Lieutenant Running' (or whatever it's going to be called in english) is in it.

Plotwise it should be similar to the anime episode where Roy orders Falman, Fuery, and Breda to find Havoc a girlfriend and Armstrong sets him up with his sister.

Anyone have it yet?

EDIT: Question has been answered. Gaiden is included.
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(no subject)


Is anyone planning to go to Anime Mid-Atlantic from June 16-18? I'd like to know if I have fellow fm_a'ers there with me. XD; And also, does anyone who is going to AMA have any idea if the half-price for children applies if you're only going for a day?

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[seal] I&#39;m an egg

[pic] Daylilies

Okay, I think I've hit every base I possibly could for FMA art genres. I've done yaoi (of course), tentacles, shotacon, het, and now...


Winry/femme!Al. Do not click if it's not your thing. It's not graphic, but it's Girl/Girl.

( "Daylilies" )
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JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

FMA moodtheme(s) ??

Haro ^_^/

I just wanted to ask if there are some good FMA moodthemes around ??!!
I´ve not seen any until now :( ... but I want to use one ^^;;
and right now I´m too lazy to make one myself

Thanks in advance ♥