April 22nd, 2006

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Hellew!  Old story for you all.

Title:  Ill
Genre:  Angsty angsty angst
Rating:  PG - For some swearing
Characters:  Roy, Ed, and...WHUTWHUT?!  Lust!?
Pairings:  None
Spoilers:  Naw
Notes:  This is REALLY OLD.  I'm talking like, before I saw the end of the series old.  I'm talking like...well...it's just old.  So I don't think it's very good, plus it didn't have a beta.  But...I hope you all enjoy it anyway.  Just know that my writing skills have improved a bit since then. :3  I'll post some more recent stuff soon.

So...here you go.

Part Three in the next post because I exceeded the word limit like whoa. D:!

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A request

I need some info...

Does anybody have the romanized names of the tracks in DJCD 5 and 6?
I've found only the kanjis...and I don't understand japanese...>.<

Thanks in advance ^^


I got a review from ff.net about my story, "Dress Up", which included this:

-Although, I felt very twitchy with the part about his father, because I
heard (SPOILERS) that his father sold him to a brothel when he was

This is the first time I'm hearing about this. Does anyone know where the hell this originated?
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Please Find Me.

FMA project

Hm. This is random but-
I'm curious if any talented artists out there would be interested in working on creating a FMA fan-project-
( of high quality )

...this summer.

A fan-made doujin collection.
(or) A few minutes of traditional animation.

I've even been tinkering with the idea of commissioning the best non professional/sole animator I can find around Deviantart or elsewhere ( within a decent pay-range ) and having them make a short fan-film.

( Would anyone be interesting in a 'drive'/collection for this; somehow moderated by someone fair/well known in the fandom so there's no possibility for problems? Or is it a damned shitty idea and no one wants to see that happen? )

Flowery [RanFan]
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Okay. Does everyone know about that meme that's going around? Where you list all the different series' that your willing to write a drabble about, and your commenters choose what kind of drabble you write, based on the series' listed?

I did that. And one of my friends commented, asking me to write a Magic Knight Rayearth/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover. So, I did. And here's the little bit that I wrote.

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Honestly, I think that this could turn out to be a good story. O.o; And I'm a girl who dosen't normally READ Crossovers, much less write them.

So, I'd like to get some opinions before I make any major decisions. Please give me some constructive critisism. It's also highly reccomended that you know a little bit about Rayearth. ^^;

( Again, Mods, If this isn't permitted, please feel free to delete.

Will be posted in mk_rayearth as well.)
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JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

The END of Fullmetal Alchemist ...

Yesterday I´ve finally finished FMA.
So, what I want to do now is talk about the series and also about the END !!!~

I liked the series from the very start ^-^ although I started to watch it only recently :/ At first I thought it´s SiFi or has something to do with mechas - and THAT´s so NOT my genre >_>
BUT then I saw so many peoply going all crazy over it, so I thought why not try ? :)
AND that was absolutely the right choice !!! I´ve really seen a LOT of animes up to now (as you can see here), but THIS was really a good one !!
Ok, ok everyone has different tastes, nee ? But speaking for me, I think this is now really on of my favourite animes ever (and that means something ! ;))

The compostion of seriousness and slapstick is BRILLIANT and the soundtrack is beyond this world ! You have to adore FMA just because of the great opening and ending songs, right ?
Ed´s seiyuu does such a great job ! I LOVE HER voice !!! ~♥ [Romi Paku ~ She´s also the voice of Nana O_O]
And not speaking of Junichi Suwabe the voice of Greedo (I instantly recognized Atobe´s voice ~♥ XDXD a reason to LOVE Greedo, no ?? :P)

There are a LOT of spoilers from here on, so if you´ve NOT finished watching FMA yet or if you DON´T want to know what´s happening next: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER !!

If you want to discuss or just read my impressions:
(here are my thoughts)

Ok, I think that´s all I wanted to say~

If anyone wants to discuss this or tell me his/her thoughts about the end or the whole series, PLEASE go ahead :) I´m really looking forward to hear it ^-^V
and excuse me for my bad English x_x

[Fic] Matters of Loyalty -Chapter 1

Title – Matters of Loyalty
Author – kishiboujin
Rating – PG13 with some graphic violence
Pairing – Light royai.
Feedback – It would be greatly appreciated.
Spoilers – None
Summary – The Ishbal Rebellion wrought many horrors, for some a mission to the abandoned village of Medes was pure hell. Years later, while based at Eastern Headquarters, Mustang, Hawkeye and Havoc discover that the ghosts of the past rest uneasily when Hughes arrives bearing news of a killer headed toward East City.
Notes – WIP, to be updated every two to three days. This is based on the anime.

( Matters of Loyalty )
[seal] I&#39;m an egg

[pic] Since people seemed to have missed kitty!Al...

He's back. I've once again drawn kitty!Al in all of his bondage, plugsuit, psycho!Roy-attaching glory.

But before you click on the cut to see the pic, please download this song and listen to it while looking at the pic.

Bonus drabble included.

Title: Speak to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Pairing: Roy/kitty!Al
Rating: slight R
Warning: Contains spoilers for end of series. Also please beware that I do not write, so if you want to just see the pic, scroll down past the drabble.

( "Speak to Me Only With Thine Eyes" )

(cross-posted left and right)
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[FIC] Baiting the Mouse: Chapter 1

Title: Bating the Mouse
Pairing: EnvyxAl
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing, slight violence, and non-consensual kissing and touching
Wordcount: 1,083
Summary: He had finally found the perfect way to lure in that deplorable boy; that bastard’s son. He had finally uncovered his one weakness, the one thing that could bring him to his knees. At last, he had discovered Edward Elric’s utter decrepitude, the single thing that could make him crumble into an incapable pile of flesh.
A/N: I've never written this pairng before, so I hope it came out okay. Alphonse has his real body. And oh yeah, aecala made me do it =/

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