April 18th, 2006

APH - Belarus "Well Behaved Women Rarely

Seeking merchandise.

Hey folks. These things are probably impossible to get now, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, just in case. There's two things I'm looking for. One is an FMA "character can" for lack of a better word. I have the one with Hughes...It's an actual can, with a pull off lid like the ones on a can of soup. Inside are goodies, including a sticker, a wash cloth, a pin, and a plastic cut out of the character with a suction cup on it, perfect for hanging in cars. They had them for many of the characters, including Ed, Al, Envy, Hughes, and Roy. I'm looking for the Roy one.

The other thing I'm looking for is Blue. It's a figure of Riza and Roy taken directly from the manga artwork, and comes with a special manga book. I have Red, which features Ed and Al....Blue seems to be harder to come by.

I realize these are probably impossible to find. But if anyone by some miracle does know a place where I can get either of them...It'd be much appreciated. Thank you!
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FMA anime list?

I remember a while ago, someone posted in this community a list of reasons why the FMA anime was brilliant as well. It included animation, I'm pretty sure. And... Other stuff. Yeah. I meant to put it in my memories, but I guess I forgot. I would be forever indebted to anyone who could point me towards this list. I would look back in the recent entries but I remember it was a while ago. Sorry. :\ Also, sorry for the short entries and potential typos which I miss, my keyboard is messing up and it takes forever to type anything, so I am trying to not type much.
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Jean Havoc facts for 20_philosophies [manga-based, PG-13]

Title: Twenty A Day
Author: ceasefire
Character: Jean Havoc
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is the rightful property of Hiromu Arakawa. This is a fanwork written purely for both your entertainment and mine.
Notes: Spoilers for the manga up to Chapter 48. Obviously manga-based, in that spirit. Purely interpretive on my behalf, but based off actual facts from the series.

Twenty Philosophies on Second Lieutenant Havoc.

Attention-whored to: 20_philosophies, fm_alchemist, havoc_fan_club and my personal journal.
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"The Date"

I keep having these vicious plot bunnies attack my ankles at the oddest hours, and for the oddest things. The following short is only the most recent of attacks. See, here I am, trying to finish up the next chapter for the first arc of "Balance of Power", when I get this idea for a scene for... of all things... the -second- arc.


And I couldn't just write some notes and leave it. Oh no! The bunny wouldn't allow it.

Fortunately, it stands alone pretty well. No spoilers for the series or the manga, but a sorta spoiler for "Balance of Power".

The only set up you need is thus: 1) Hughes faked his death. 2) He ended up elsewhere for four years. 3) He's back.

This scene takes place right after he returns, coming through a gate near Lior. And it's time for He and Roy to set a few things straight. ;)

Title "The Date"
Author c_b_syndrome
Characters Hughes and Mustang
Rating PG-13 for language. Maybe a soft R for suggestivness.
Spoilers None really for the series. Kinda for BoP.
Summary: Hughes and Mustang drive out into the middle of nowhere.

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Woot!  I finally finished my 'Messenger' series!

However, being typical me, I can't even finish it the easy way.  I wrote one ending, and then wasn't quite satisfied, so I wrote another ending.  Since I like them both, and each one focuses on a different character and stuff, I'm just going to post them both.

So, Messenger parts 4 and 4.  Previous parts can be found here.

Title:  Crow
Rating:  PG-13
Characters:  Ed, Envy
Spoilers:  Manga chapter 53, mostly
Summary:  All things come to and end.  But just because it's over doesn't mean it's...over.
Notes:  The original ending.

You know the story about the crow who wanted to walk like the dove?

Title:  Last Sacrifice
Everything else: Same as above ^_~
Summary:  The world owed him, and he was going to collect.

...But most of the time, your life comes before the life of your friend.

Cross posted.  Sorry for spamming f-lists...
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Blizzard - Chapter 3

Title: Blizzard
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Scar, Havoc, Breda, Fury
Pairings: None
Timeframe: The 'three years of mystery'
Summary: East City is hit by a rare blizzard, and when three particular soldiers on their way back to their car decide to stop in an alley for a few minutes to rest, they find something a lot bigger than a stray puppy...
Previous Chapters: 1 2

Chapter Three
Crazy Glue

Fic: Silk (1/1)

Title: Silk
Author: SkyFire ( rabid_plotbunny )

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Genre: Humor, Shounen-ai
Rating: PG13
Summary: Ed wants to try something out.
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Warnings: Uh... I think they might have come off a bit ooc...

Author's Notes: This is a dialog-fic. It is also a prime example of why I probably shouldn't be writing while sick and a bit dizzy. All right, so I would probably have written it anyway, but I only came up with the idea while sick. Ye be warned.

( Silk )

Crossposted to fm_alchemist and fma_yaoi unless I messed up somewhere...
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I need someone to throw back and forth some fic ideas with. I'm working on a multi-part series and I have a few questions about characters.

If you're up to discussing FMA and throwing some ideas around concerning Ed, Al, and Roy, please IM me at BotanFerryGirl

Simply, the story is this:

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uwahh russiameri


Title: Love. (This is sad. In my opinion. Let me know what you think)
Author: Titanicfreek
Rating: PG
Genre: romance
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Spoilers: None well except a little thing about Hughes.
Author Notes:I Don't own FMA. Nor am I looking to make a profit. Uh I think this is kind of sad. Let me know what you think. I just wrote this and have a couple sad things going on now in life so I guess it kind fits whats going on.
Summary: It was a gloomy day at the funeral
sorry for the spam!!
Posted to: fma_yaoi

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Cute whale

An opinion please! =3

Hi everyone!!!
I just made a pic for mi sister, but I'm not sure if it's ok... normally I only notice mistakes once I've already colored the thing and can't fix it anymore =(
Since this one is a present I really want it to look great, so please, if you have a minute, comments are really apreciated!! ♥

A link to my DA

Thanks in advance!! :3

X-posted around... sorry to spam your friendlists, I really need to color this now ;___;
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