April 14th, 2006

Oh Ho hatachiin porn

Easter Bunny Ed fanart

I know that I should be working on my "Faithless" fanart, but when my muse bugs me, I just have to obey her. She's very persistant that way. I do PROMISE that my "Faithless" pic will be the very next thing I finish!! Sooooo, here's a little something I came up with for Easter, to tide everyone over until the other is done. Wish Ed would come hide Easter Eggs at MY house dressed like this... :)

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To Love You
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Fic: Pink (Roy/Ed) PG-13

Title: Pink   [Kitty!verse part 3]
Author: tsu
: PG-13 (for language)
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Genre: Shonen-Ai, humor, future/AU
Summery: "Mr. Roy, I'm glad you're home.  You can have a talk with your son."
Disclaimer: I no not own FMA.   That's probably a good thing.

Fics that are a part of what I call my Kitty!verse are a continuing series of loosely connected ficlets of varying rating that take place a post series/manga timeline.  Started out as a one-shot, but these are kinda fun to write, so this is what happened, even if it's not exactly award-winning writing.  But it's something.  *shrugs*  (links to previous parts under the fake-ish cut)

Pink  )

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(no subject)

[Title] Pea Soup
[Author] jadedsilk
[Pairing] RoyxEd
[Rating] PG13 for some naughty talk and Ed's mouth
[Warnings] Probably a bit ooc, but it was really fun to write.
[Spoilers] Surprisingly, not really
[Summary] For nicari26.

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April challenge for scarlust Hurray!

Title: Rain
Author: jadedsilk
Rating: NC17 just to be safe.
Warnings: Some sexual content, not terribly graphic, just be aware.
Spoilers: Yes.
Summary: This has a very tribal feel to it, I am giving the Ishbalites some older pagan rites and customs...it isn't canon, it's just for some filler. I can say no more without giving away too much. ^_^

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As Requested...

So you like panty pulling characters, eh?
You perverts. xDD
Note- What the hell. Give me an image or a gallery of images of any character from any fandom and you'll have a panty-pulling anime character in less than 5 minutes.

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[badou] ewwww...

[pic] Taking Up Arms

This was a bonus pic that I did on the side of my other pics... It's not exactly a companion pic to my fic "Caricature of Human Intimacy"... (link goes to chapter 5, but they all have links to the previous chapter in the posts)

Why? Because Ling isn't being a bastard *isshot* and Al isn't being raped *isshot again*

e-either way...I just wanted to draw this Ling/Al pic where they're fluffier than they are in the fic.

Hope you like it.

( "If I don't wield a sword, I cannot protect you..." )
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A Old bunny...

I found this old bunny, and i'm not sure if I should continue it and if I should where will it take me~ But whatever, here it is because Track, Play Practice, and my life actrually going somewhere as deprived you people of LING/ED. 

TITLE: REAL (Thats the title... for now.)
PAIRING: LING/ED ED/ENVY (Maybe a threesome is in this bunnies future.) 
SUMMARY: There were rumors... About him and Ling? ...Wildest sex in Xing?
NOTES: Totally and completly not beta'd, I wrote this a long time ago. 

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108 royai

moment of your time!

hey, i'm doing a survey for my anime club on fma otps!

if you wouldn't mind terribly answering a few questions... ^^

1) age/gender
2) your fma otp and why

that's all. haha no getting into battles over this please!

i'm just here to inquire. (and i'll delete this post if it's not allowed)



As Requested...Again

Ahahahah, so the male panty pulling went over excellently. NOW I PRSENT THE FEMALE CAST! OMGWTF.
Also, give me a gallery or a character from ANY fandom and you'll have a lovely little panty pulling icon. =3

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Rorschach field


Title: In the Faces of Kings (Chapter 1)
Author: wofl_iron
Rating: PG-13 for launguage, eventual higher ratings
Pairing: Eventual Roy/Havoc, probably some others
Word Count: 3546
Warnings: plot O_O, language mmm this chapter is pretty mild

( He looked a bit distraught, but then, anyone who worked in the same office as Riza knew they could never be too careful when she had a 45-caliber-guaranteed-trip-to-the-hospital aimed directly between their eyes. )
Cat -- what is that you have '_'

Request-ish sort of thing. ^^;

Hi there, all. ^_^ Sorry if this is a tad off-topic, but it'd probably be best to ask here.

Does anyone have a picture of Arakawa-sensei? Not the cow she draws, but an actual picture of her? I've been searching for one all day, but I still don't have any luck in finding one. So, do any of you have one to share?

Please and thank-you. :D
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Trisha/Ed & Chimera/Ed ficlets

Title: O Holy Mother
Pairing: Trisha/Ed
Warnings: Graphic incest, religious connotations
Rating: R
Summary: Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.

O Holy Mother


kageotogi wanted Chimera/Ed.  I couldn't figure out a (kinkykinkyfun) fascinating idea that didn't rip off anyone else's.  This was the best I could come up with.  ^^;;;;  Cathy was also kind enough to beta for me.  *cuddles Cathy*

Title: A Little Thing Called Love
Pairing: Chimera/Ed
Rating: PG
Warnings: Beyond the pairing?
Summary: Fullmetal never failed to surprise Roy.

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Chibi! Ed

(no subject)

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but its just one of those things that irks me.

How exactly old is Winry?

From what I've seen, it seems to be it's assumed that she was born sometime between Ed and Al. And while I don't have any reason to deny it, is this actually PROVEN, or is it merely speculation? I don't have much to go on, since I haven't read any Manga at all yet (I got off my ass and ordered a few volumes, what use is having a $330 a week paycheck if I spend less than $20 a week?). So if it's blantanly obvious in there, yeah, go ahead and smack me with a wrench.

On a totally unrealted note, a few weeks ago, someone made a post about a dayum nice pocket watch on eBay...I got mine a few days ago, and I am SO in love with it. Did anyone else shove out the $60 something to get one? I was so happy when I got it, I was holding the thing wrong when I set the time, and when I looked at it a few hours later at work, I was all, "WTF?" So yeah, set it first, THEN have a joygasm over the sheer awsomeness XD
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