April 13th, 2006


Ficletletlet dump

Ficletletlet dump.  ^^;;;;;

Title: Meaning of Greed
Pairing: Greed/Ed/Ling
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Rape, angst, slight manga spoilers
Summary: Ling had never wanted it to come to this.

Meaning of Greed )

Title: Angels Fall First
Warnings: Angst, slight spoilers, probable melodrama (^^;;;;;)
Rating: PG
Summary:  Alphonse hated nights like this.

Angels Fall First )

Title: Deep Silent Complete
Pairing: ...Het?
Warning: Incest, angst, slight chan
Rating: PG-13
Next Part: Truth
Summary: His mother loved his eyes.

Deep Silent Complete )

Title: Truth
Pairing: Hoho/Ed
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Incest, slight spoilers, sexual descriptions
Previous Parts: Deep Silent Complete
Summary: Edward hated.

Truth )
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Oh the crossover crack parings!

Eh, I got bored, so let me introduce a crossover crack pairing that I don't think has ever been touched on! Greed x Rip Van Winkle (Hellsing)! I come bareing icons, show your love :P !

( Sheild your eyes! )
- If you are actually compelled to take one of these, credit chill_shadow or tomfool_tomboy
- comment if you take

I'm sorry I just couldn't help myself....the thought just hit me when I got up this morning.

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More Envy Sacrifices!

Ahahaha, I'm almost done and *still* haven't been accepted. =_=
My next claim is the Homunculi though, so that'll be...interesting to say the least.



Note- No, those are not Envy's hands, they're Chii's photoshopped. I will take requests for any character pulling on panties. >=D

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[the colbert report] :D
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Chapter 58 icons and then some

[01] Al
[01] Kimbly
[01] Daddy Rockbell
[01] Random Ishvalan dude
[01] Black Hayate and Ed
[01] Roy, Hawkeye, and Daddy Hawkeye
[02] Roy and his subordinates
Total: 8

Just a bunch of quick minute-made icons. Nothing too spoilery.


( Click for more )

Also, previous icons I posted in hagaren_manga but never got around to posting in here. 51 icons in total and only one icon has a spoiler for chapter 57.


( Yeah, I'm retarded )
Chibi! Ed

(no subject)

Yeah, since I'm a really whacko person who's suffered lack of sleep this week (long story, including a part about being called into work overnight for a 10 hour shift...resulting in me being up over 24 hours by the time said shift ended), so a lot of whacko things have entered my mind....


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[one-shot fic][When you finally understand.][PG] Royai in 2nd person! Without names!

Title: When you finally understand.
Author: Lady El
Characters: Pretty blatant Riza and Roy
Rating: PG
Spoilers: End of series, possible movie. 

Inspired by today's... yesterday's... the April 13th prompt over at 31_days. I even managed to post it there under the deadline, too, yay! Just trying to figure out what in the world happened between Episode 51 and the movie. Experimenting with point of view as well. This is what happens when Kim takes a break from school, even if it's just for a few hours...

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[seal] I'm an egg

[pic] ChOOse mE or Die

Okay, so I totally tempted circe67 with this whole string of really ad-libbed Archer/femme!Al breast-f*cking bukkake drabble of a drabble over an IRC channel...

SO, I drew another Archer/femme!Al pic.

(really, the title has nothing to do with the pic itself. I just like the title of the song I'm listening to right now, and thought it was only slightly fitting)
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