March 29th, 2006

Snowball fight!

A few things...

I hate being the type of person that only posts to ask for things and advertise, but I don't really have anything else to post about so here goes nothing.

smxyhagarencrak is in need of new players. It's a crack community so make posts funny and entertaining. A lot of the characters are inactive, so this is a heads up for those of you who are members and those who aren't.
If you are a member and you haven't been active your character will become available as of April 26th - which means for those of you who aren't members, more characters will be available April 26th.

We're in need of funny, literate players!
Check it out.

Secondly, Timeless FMA is opening soon. Hopefully April 1st if everything gets done by then. Suggestions welcome for making the game enjoyable for everyone.
The basis behind the RP is to cover all time aspects of the FMAverse, past present and future - all characters alive or dead free to play without incorporating a crack aspect.

If you're interested check out Collapse )

and lastly, anyone that went to I-CON 25 and has pictures they'd be willing to share. Whether you cosplayed or just took pictures of cosplayers I'm looking to collect some. I will credit you as the photographer, or person in the picture - whichever you happen to be.
Although I'm particularly looking for FMA cosplayers from I-CON 25 anyone with other characters or cons are welcome to share them too.
If you do have pictures to share, please do not comment here with them, contact me at this post.
comments will probably be screened.

If ads or anything about this post isn't allowed let me know and I'll delete it. I checked the rules, but didn't see anything about advertising being against them.

EdxWin MangaMusicVideo

A day's ago I finished a MMV I was doing like a week ago (because we must spread the MMV's love)
It's EdxWin and was made with Windows Movie Maker *althought It came out pretty decent =O*
The bad thing is that my memory doesn't let me export it with High Quality but Low Quality (And I wanted to post it until I got the High Quality Version T_T)

( Follow the fake cut and spread the MMV love~)

If I'm able to export it with High Quality I'll post it, so, Sorry about that D:

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Attack of the Teddog

Anyone else collect the little SD capsule figures?

These are the figures I'm talking about: Set One and Set Two. Aren't they cute?

I ask because I've been trying to collect them and I have a double of the "Al-In-A-Box" from series two that I want to get rid of. He's complete with stand, little paper booklet and still wrapped in plastic. I also have the capsule itself, but that might be too bulky to ship for cheap; the other parts are small enough to toss in an envelope. Al cost me $2 Canadian (about $1.71 US), but I'd rather trade for a different figure than sell it (still need the winking Ed and Hughes from the first set and Ed, Bradley, Roy, Riza, and Scar from the second set).

But, hey, if you REALLY want it and don't have a figure to trade, make an offer and I'll think about it. I'm moving soon and want to give Al a good home soon before he gets lost in the upcoming mess. How can you say "No" to a face like that?
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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

SD Crack!

I just couldn't resist, something as crack filled as the SD OVA...I had to make screencap crack! Personally I think they all came out very well (the sick humor of some are frightening)

Enjoy ;3

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hero mode

Elysia Hughes fic: Eyes On Me, Daddy

On my first post, I bring fanfiction. Let it be known that I am a visual artist above all else, so don't expect a masterpiece. I know this idea has been used a few times (much to my dismay), but I was not very pleased with the few Elysia-centric fics that I found... so I finished it.

Eyes On Me, Daddy

By_ Delena/Aneled Hupp

Rating_ K (G)

Genre_ Drama/Angst

Summary_ Gracia Hughes could honestly say she wasn’t surprised when, at the age of eight, Elysia had begun to plan a future in the military.

Legalities_ All characters mentioned in this fic are property of Arakawa Hiromu, I claim no rights whatsoever.

Mission Statistic Warnings_ Spoilers for episode 25 and manga chapter 15, sadness

Mission Status Report_ One-shot
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happy sarasa, basara

A Time For Healing, Chapter 3

Title: A Time For Healing
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Episode 51 (fic is AU after that episode's commercial break)
Characters: Winry, Pinako, Roy, Armstrong, and a pair of healer OCs
Summary: Things start going rather badly for Roy after the series. Can he come to terms with the reality of his new situation? Will he even have a chance to?

Unlike with previous chapters, Chapter 3's two points of view got split into separate posts.

Roy's POV
Winry's POV


Because I'm sure we'll get a lot of members asking about how they can watch the recently released OVAs because [insert random reasons here], I'm using this entry as a way to post my (YT) links from where I've uploaded all the OVAs. This way, other members can simply link back to this entry, and the mods here can put this entry into this community's memories if they so wish.

"Kids" OVA
"Chibi Party" OVA
"Alchemists VS. Homunculi" OVA

Enjoy! :D

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to mention these are the RAW versions of the OVAs. When the subbed ones become available, I'll upload those onto as well.
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So the OVAs are Out

I just wanted to throw out a public thank you to all of the kind people that have been uploading raws and links to raws. I would also like to thank the people that are out there subbing these even as I type this. So very many of us are in debt to the kind people who sub raw video and manga scans. Without you kind people and your talents in video editing and translating (two things I know I could never do), fans like myself would be left in the cold and have to wait so long to see any media. (And often the translations done by the big cheeses aren't as good as the fan translations.)

I don't know if this post is allowed (and if it's not, I'm sure it will soon be deleted) because it's kind of irrelevant, but I just had to throw out a massive thank you to all raw uploaders, scanalators and fansubbers. You guys are the heroes of the fandom. Thank you, and keep being awesome.
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All the way back to the beginning! Episode 00

These last 3 OVAs that's created all this happy squee has brought an end to it all (Dawww *group hug*)

So, I'm going to rewind back to September of 2003 and post some screen caps from a half hour FMA TV series promo special that aired just before everything started. I don't know what to call it other than Episode 00 (well, "Kenja no Ishi wo Motomete") but I thought some people might get a kick out of some screen caps.

I wanted to share the video tonight, but it's crawling along at a wonderful 5k/sec upload pace, so I'll share it tomorrow if it EVER finishes u.u; - tonight I'll share screen caps.

Because mad alchemy scientists are love.

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Hope you enjoy :D
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