March 28th, 2006


I need a help here

Hallo there, I am writting an yaoi fic of Ed/roy and I need a beta writer to help me.
Can anyone help me to beta write my fic, please?
Anyone who's interested, please send me either an email or an IM to my yahoo.
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quick collection of my recent short fiction.

Hello, I'm jmtorres, I seem to be writing practically every genre under the sun.

Roy-Hawkeye PG fluff--775 words.

Roy/*cough*homunculus*cough* NC-17 fucked-up-ness--950 words.

For militarydogs, which is an RPG in which we play the characters writing RPF about each other (yes, that was my cracked idea):

On the Subject of Pants (Roy writes about a conversation he had with Ed; PG-13)--706 words.

Abuse of Power (Roy finds that fact that everyone seems to think he's a slut er, flattering?; R)--966 words.

There was also a brief poetry slam kicked off by a sonnet to Hughes and ended (mostly) by a villanelle in Havoc's general direction. Really, we hope the poetry thing is over now.
Captain Jack 2

Gilded Cage

Sorry it took so long. This way by far the hardest chapter to write. Jack is back and Alphonse has decided to make his life difficult! *NAUGHTY* Al...*HUGGLES* Al, he's really just looking out for his poor sick brother....

Blood Pride and the Gilded Cage
Chapter 20
Big Things Come in Little Packages
Violence, Slash, Plotting, and Technobabble, and Het implications
Fic type: General, actions adventure Crossover.
Characters: Ed, Al, Noa, Alter Roy, Hughes, Envy sightings and Captain Jack
CROSSOVER with the New Doctor WHO
Rating: PG-13
Summery: Al and Jack plan an escape...
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Just a little bit more to go... auctions (Doujinshis!) at eBay will end in a few hours...
fast, go and take a look!!

series & authors are:

Fullmetal Alchemist
Gundam Seed / Destiny
Prince of Tennis
Wolf's Rain
Mamiya Oki
Yamato Nase
Yamada D Yonezou
Death Note

to be found here:

(all doujinshis that won't be sold and a few others can be found here later^^: )

Two pics

Hello. Well I've lurked around this community for forever and, now that I finally have time, have decided to post two old pics of mine.

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Umm.  That's it for now.  *Dork-ish smile*.
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Doctor Who: OT3

Artses! :D

The Winry picture is old-- I drew it late last year, but the date on it is last January because that's when I finally cleaned it up and dated it.

The Lust picture was drawn recently for theladyfeylene. I had some issues with her leg. XP

I would call both of these worksafe, although Winry is in her workshop-outfit of pants and bra-ish top, and Lust has got on a gypsy/harem girl outfit that shows quite a bit of skin. Everything important is covered up, though. ^^ (I'm not sure what constitutes not-worksafe-- I imagine it has to be racier, but could someone please enlighten me? ^^;; )

Gentle concrit would be much appreciated. ♥

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Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

(no subject)

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows of the episode number that involves Ed basically yelling at his dad, or any scene that involves Ed yelling at someone and they're walking away? :D? I need it for an AMV, thanks!
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I've made some icons that I wanted to share, so here they are. There are SPOILERS for the whole series.

Icon Count: 12
[2] Ed
[1] Scar
[1] Greed
[1] Wrath
[1] Marcoh
[1] Tucker
[1] Archer
[4] Misc.

Teasers: Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Fake cut
[khr] salute

[Edvy fic update]

Title: Waste Land [Chapter 2]
Author: hieronymousb
Summary: (Hey, it's an actual plot-fic! WTF!) Envy demands something from Ed. Ed tries to find a way out of his awkward and miserable predicament. Both of them are stuck in a strange, foreign world; both are handicapped, and both have decisively different ideas of what they would like to achieve in the near future.
Rating: R, probable NC-17 eventually.
Genre: Multiple. Drama. Maybe some angst. Tragedy. Horror.
Warnings: For this chapter: language. Overall: language, violence, probably eventual smut. Attempt at plot-fic.
Spoilers: End of series.
Notes: Post-series AU.
Beta: parallax_view
Pairing: Eventual Ed/Envy, or Envy/Ed, or both.
Count: About 2500 words.

Previous parts: 1

(Nothing ever remained.)

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ITOSHIKI. worth the fighting
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Fanfiction: Pugilist Position

Uh, a random genfic drabble written in a fleeting moment of inspiration.

Title: Pugilist Position
Rating: PG-13, possible R
Word count: 639
Warnings: War-centric, thus killing of the innocents and descriptions of killings. War things. And language.
Notes: Roy angst, centered around the Ishbal War. I know, that's rather overdone.

( His hands are heavy and hot at his sides... )
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Fanart. Bah.

Damn, the legal hour devasted me.
My mom kicked me on a leg and it still hurts.
And y!G is unavailable 'til 1st of April.
My mood is horrible, so here's some mecha-guro-porn (really, if you can't stand that stuff DON'T WATCH!). The coloring is crappy for the same reason.
WARNING: NC-17 for yaoi and weirdness.

( Vivi-Sex (My Prostetic Romance) )

Fortunately today I was able to buy ( a Philosopher's Stone... )
...I hope this will help with my last fanarts' coloring X'DD
Direct linked at _deadlyweapons_.
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