March 26th, 2006

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Finally Mine

Title: Finally mine
Author: tsu
Elricest, Al/Winry, hinted Hei/Ed, light Winry/Scheska
Pure Smut, spoilers for series and movie, gloriously un-beta-ed
Set (for the most part) Post-Movie, beware the flashback!smut
I do not own FMA.  That's probably a good thing

( You're my world, Alphonse Elric )

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Translations? And funny pic.

Why yes this is one of those posts where people'll be like 'why do people keep asking things that have been answered long before??' Well, I looked around a bit and couldn't find it so here I am, daring to ask...

Does anyone have translations for the Good! and Last meeting songs? Pretty please?

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free fall

Fan Art: Human Transmutation

Title: 人体錬成 - Human Transmutation
Artist: Kalliel
Notes/Warnings: There's spelling errors in both the (cut off) Japanese text as well as the English text. If I can't spell in either language, what am to do? O_o

I'm rather fond of the overall picture. What I'm not fond of is the way it transferred to the computer. The original had an obvious tinge of green in some places that I really liked, and none of it shows up on my monitor. >_> I got my friend to scan it so she could test her scanner, but she kept sending it in formats that my Photoshop couldn't read (for instance, what in the hell is an 'arithmetic jpg'?) so I ended up taking screen caps of it off my mail client, and splicing them together. But I have my picture, so ha.

Constructive criticism appreciated; I know I need it. :)
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Havoc Fanfic: Dangerous Habit (II)

Title: A Dangerous Habit
Author: Shoeless Wanderer
Rating: PG-13 for Language and some gore
Genre: General. No pairings
Summary: Havoc gets lung cancer, and begins to try to find a way to save himself.
Author’s Notes: This is based off the Hellblazer story arc of the same title, “Dangerous Habits”. I’ve seen a lot of Havoc art lately that reminded me of John Constantine, and let’s face it: Havoc will somehow get cancer. I wanted to play around with the idea, and Dangerous Habits inspired me to do so. Hellblazer and Fullmetal Alchemist are © their respective owners. I’ll probably write more tomorrow. Also, please blame the pain meds I’m on for this fanfic. Wisdom teeth man.
Previous: Parts 1-3

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wavey hair

Dude looks like a lady! (NOT WORK SAFE!)

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This was totally inspired by youkofujima and her lovely drawings! X3!

Tital: Man looks like a lady! (Yes like the song... but we're making it litueral X3!)
Rateing: NC-17
Pairings: OC/Al Ed/Al
Warnings: Tentcale rape, incest, rape, abuse, genderbend, not work safe AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL NOT BRAIN SAFE! :D!
Authors notes: Really this is just drabble if someone wants to continue with the story they can :D! I saw youkofujima's last genderbender picture with Ed and Al an I was like.... "THE BUNNIES ARE ATTACKING THE BUNNIES ARE ATTACKING!" I can't say it's exactly from the manga or the anime. Though I'd hope it be more from the manga... *Shrugs.* I dunno :P.
Summary: Ed and Al are on yet another mission, though not for the stone, as normal soldiers of the military. After an alchemist that was able to pass his state alchemist exam with proof of being able to repopulate a dangered speicies with his gender changing alchemy. Will Ed and Al be able to get out of this with their lives?
word count: 4,542 (Around ten pages :P)

Fic has been taken down for reconstruction, and all that jazz. Sorry for the inconvenience ^^;.
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[pics] Scar/femme!Al doujin!

...sorta. It's more like a sequential picture story. There are TWELVE pics in this whole thing *whew* I could have gotten them done by last night if not for the fact that my computer and my scanner decided to spaz out as a sign for me to get to bed. -_-;;;

herongale, this is for you. XDDDD;;; Cuz there's not only fingering (which was the original plan for Scar/femme!Al), there's also full-blown insertion. Yeah. Also, please forgive the utter OOC of Scar. I doubt he'd be that fast to say "Itadakimasu!" to Al's boobs.


That said,


Also, kalikamaxwell wrote this really awesome Roy/Havoc/femme!Al DP fic!. NOT WORKSAFE, AND BE CAREFUL IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT DP STANDS FOR.
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"400 years and you still can't sing for shit..."

Safty again with more voice acting! This time Dante's dialogue from Episode 45. I really hate the fact I have slight speech inpediments, You can so totally pick up on my lisp and the that I struggle saying certain words to myself, I wanted to make this into a crack scene but alas I was at a loss for ideas..And yes I based my Dante off Moncia Rial's because she has such a great voice *_*

Anyway please enjoy...^-^ Oh and if anyone has any silly little scripts they want me to do for them, please send 'em my way and I'll see what I can do..

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Title: Soul Searing
Author: hieronymousb
Rating: R, but eventual NC-17.
Genre: Oddness, sex. Kink. My usual introspection.
Warnings: Just language and some innuendo here, but soon there shall be kinky sex.
Spoilers: For episodes 39-41, I think.
Pairing: Primarily Archer x Kimbley, but eventual Archer x Kimbley x Armour!Al armour sex. Yes. I'm going there. ^__^;;
Notes: Idea taken from Circe, Goddess of Pr0n and used graciously with permission.
Count: About 1700 words thus far. TBC!

(C'mon. Wanna have some fun?)

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Another Gate

It's Post-movie fanfic time again!!!  
Title-Another Gate
Genre-Action, Ed/Win
Rating- PG13(Swearing, violence, blood)
Notes- Post-series spilers may be ahead.   The rest of the fanfic can be viewed at my journal.
The story so far- The Elric brothers had gone through a new gate from Munich and appeared directly in front of Winry Rockbells house.  After a rather painful reunion, Winry was filled in on what had happened since Ed's original disappearance.  After she learned what had happened, Winry made Ed and Al promise to stay at her house.  That night,  Ed and Al were awakened to a scream from Winry.  They ran  to the worksho to find that Winry had been abducted. The only clue that was left behind was a note that revealed that the person that had brought the Elrics to their original world was also the person that had taken Winry...

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Just thought I'd point out to some people some of the FMA merchandise available online and in comic/anime stores in North America.

This store lists most of that which is available - pay close attention to the Armor!Al plushies, he is holding a little kitty in his hand, and he comes in two sizes. Comparing the prices on that site to the ones at the shop I usually go to (Canadian), the prices are about equal, though you will pay more for shipping. But, there are more offical sites to buy from. This is just one I've browsed.

I so wanted to buy Movie!Ed and Movie!Roy plushies, but they were $30 each. Theya ren't listed on that site, but theyre the same as the series versions, just dressed as per the movie. There's also Series versions of everyone too, in small and large sizes. I also fell for a little pale green Kakashi wallet there, I may go back and buy it. :p That or Naruto's frog coin purse. The headbands and armsplints were too weird.

Since I am broke and try to stem my geekiness, I bought the Ed from this set, though they had them all there. Not a very good picture, but there's Anime Pride, Lust, Envy, Huges, Izumi and Ed. If I get another it'll be Izumi, her figurine was very nice. They also came with a stand, and some bits are removeable. Ed's long jacket can become a short one. I can also pull him apart at the waist, but that's a tad bit private... >.>

Anyway, just telling people to keep an eye out and that it's popular enough now that you can probably go to your local comic store and buy/order some peices. You can also buy different Chapters of the Manga in a box set that come with figurines. I saw Volume 4 with a shirtless Ed, and one with an Armor Al, too. Since the owner of the shop knows me, he got mad when I told him I'd downloaded everything. :p

My Ed is now sitting ontop of my monitor beside my stuffed BaaBaa from Neopets. ... And yes, I am a grown adult.

Also, I'll mention I flipped through one of the official North American mangas there and a little booklet fell out... advertising a FMA book. I don't remember the title, something about the desert, but keep an eye out for that.
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Fic Randomness, Yo

A couple of friends and I went to late night Adult Fanfiction at SakuraCon Saturday. It sucked, for the most part, so to keep it from being a total loss, we wrote 5-min fic based on the sentence "The avacoades weren't working." We also had to incorporate "Toothpick" "Cookies" and "Trapped"

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And, because 4ti3k4t35 has TOTAL ADD, Preggers lust and Schrodinger's Cat.
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Went to SakuraCon this last weekend and got home about 7:00, deciding to post pictures of crazy peoples.

Mmm... Havoc humping Roy's leg. Yes, those two are my good friends. XD We didn't even have to bribe them into doing it. Though... by time seven, Havoc was getting sick of it. Roy, however, thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly, there were only two Havocs, so we couldn't have clone!blondepile.

Sakuracon Gallery

And for those of you wondering what I was...

Alphonse FTW, yo.

Soooo.... sleepy...
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On a mission...

Hi, I'm kinda sorta new, I followed DragonAlchemist in and stuff. So... I finally got questions that require massive group efforts on and resources and said 'Hey, I should post to FM_Alchemist and see about them!' So, I am trying to make a good map of FMA world. I've gotten the roughs in now here, but I am missing names for all of these here little cities... plus I can't figure out where some of the cities mentioned in the anime (like Xenotyme) go because pretty much all the maps i can find on the internets are from the manga. So, I know there is a very good and detailed picture that exists out there, this drawing was mostly based off of it (as well as several others, it's a composite) but the problem is that the scan I found of it is too small and I can't read the names of any of the little cities on the map. Can anybody name these circles? I numbered them for ease of communication... Thank you.