March 21st, 2006

Snowball fight!

One-shot for your enjoyment. If that's what you wanna call it...

Title: Doesn't really have one...
Author: miserywhip, no beta.
Rating: PG for vulgarities.
Characters: Roy and Ed. In a non-pairing manner, which may change if the fic continues. Various small part OCs, Al and Riza for brief moments.
Warning: This fic takes place after an alternate ending for the series, although I'd like to say there are no spoilers or references to the series at all, since it's AU. If you notice anything that could be considered a spoiler, let me know. Restored Al, Ed is no longer in the military but they live in Central.

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cross-posted: fm_alchemist, steelandsparks and maybe more later...
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I know this post is not really FMA related, but may I give a suggestion? If I offend anyone I'm sorry and please feel free to delete this post. Anyway, you know ljs that have the friends only banner showing up on the main page of the site? Would it be possible to have that with some of the key rules and a few of the websites that are related to fm_alchemist in example fm_media_req? I'm just saying that possibly members may not read / forget the rules. Thanks for hearing me out.
Bison Chill

(no subject)

Now that the series is over has anyone heard of them bringing the movies out or releasing the entire series as a box set?
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Uncle!Ed- Fic

This is for all of you who wanted Uncle!Edward fic.

The conversation at fanficrants inspired me, and the cute bunny held me at fluffpoint, threatening me with tickles if I disobeyed.

Just over 800 words of pure, shameless SAP.

Parings- Just Genfic.  A little Al/Winry in the background (Because babies have to come from somewhere)

Rating- Absolutely G.

Warnings- Um... toddlers?  Childspoiling Uncle!Ed.  Excessive amounts of sugar.

They were going to strangle him if they found out he'd let Miles put a turtle in his mouth, even if only for a second...
108 royai

fma petition! again!

ok, so thanks to the advice of fortexd, i have actually made an online petition that's better than me just like, getting names from comments and wracking them up.

so here's what the petition's about, in case you missed it.

Cognizant of the fact that Fullmetal Alchemist is widely popular in the US, and that its video game franchise is both fun and beloved, we would love to see both Fullmetal Alchemist, Kami wa Tsugu Shojou, and Fullmetal Alchemist Dream Carnival brought to the US for American gamers.

i think that's fair!

so here's the link.

hm. i think i have to delete the earlier post. if it's ok with everyone who added their name before i'll just run it through the petition online thing to save you all the trouble of doing it again. with like as your email?
if anyone's violently opposed to that lemme know.

ok. let's make this happen!

(i'll delete the other post if i get a request to. sorry for the double thing)
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More pimpidge to a community again!

Hey guys!! Well now that the series is finally over here in the US, now what do we do? What about the stuff that happened before the series? Well, that's were this community comes in!


I started this community almost a year ago and it needs more love! It's for anything that happened before the beginning of the series. Fanfics, fanart, icons, & discussions. If it happens before February 1910, it's in! Like Ed and Al being born, Hohenheim/Trisha getting together, the origin of a Homunculi, Hughes/Gracia first meeting, or Roy joining the military. Anything to that nature. But it must take place before the start of the series.

So if you've been interested in anything that happens before the start of the series, come join us!! We'd love you have you!! ^^
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