March 20th, 2006


CD scans wanted

Hello, all. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with scans of the tracklistings from all three the TV OSTs and the song file best compilation. I'm trying to anal-ize my file listings and I'm having trouble finding the information needed to put them in the format I want.
Thanks much. ^_^
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Hey! I'm new here. Anyway, I was RPing with my best friend Lisa last night when the idea's for these icons came to mind... XD

1. Comment if taking.
2. Giving credit if using. =D
3. Don't direct link if you are using them on message boards.


Episode 51 question

Hey, just a quick question!

Now that we've all seen episode 51--does anyone know what that classical piano piece that played during the episode was? It's not in the OST, and it sounds like an actually piece. If you know, I'd love to find out! I really loved the sound of it...

Thanks in advance~

Media request community

Well, I know that I'm sick and tired of seeing all those posts asking for episode/manga chapter/MP3 downloads clogging up this community. So, hey. I'm notorious for spontaneously creating all these communities just because I FEEL LIKE IT, so WHY NOT??


All posts are automatically f-locked, so if you have any hope of seeing all the top-sekrit stuff we share in there, you have to join, natch.

And read the rules before doing anything, plzkthx. :D
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Elric Brothers Icons Pretty PLEASE!

Augh! I've been searching for a long time now for some icons of the Elric brothers, but they are surprisingly difficult to come by...or I'm just really bad at searching for them. Either way, I'd really like to find some. I'd prefer manga ones but anime ones will do. Heck, at this point any one that features Ed and Al will do (well, okay, I don't want fanart or doujinshi icons).

Please help a fan out! @_@

(no subject)

Here's part four of "yet another FMA war!fic" by the_quagga (me). The basic premise of this story arc is that Ed and Roy are trying to survive a war together.

Title: Savior
Summary: Ed cannot save anyone, but that doesn't stop him from trying.
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: R
Warnings: violence, gore, angst, attempted rape. Potentially psychotic!Ed.
Length: 4,500 words. Previous parts are about 2,500 each.
Notes: Previous three parts are linked behind the cut.

(Onwards to ficcage.)

All kinds of comments and feedback are appreciated!

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anyone know?

can any one tell me where this:
is from? I mean like does anyone have a bigger version of it?

...Why does everyone know where to get hot pictures of Ed and I don'? T_T

Anyways thanks in advance

Roy is a Gay Eskimo

I have too much time on my hands!

... kidding.  This only took a few minutes.  I had wanted to make an icon from this cracky idea, but with my crap skills, this was easier.  In the style of "AMV Hell", Movie!Roy is a gay Eskimo...

(Cha.  This program sucks.  I had wanted to impose some faded images of Armstrong and Ed being sexy, but alas, I have no such effect.)

Yes, you may throw rocks at me.

[fic] Moonlit - Ed/Hei -Rated R

Title: Moonlit
Author:  who_isjohn_galt
Pairing: Alfons Heiderich x Edward Elric
Rating:  R
Warnings: This takes place after the end of the series, so there are some movie spoilers if you don't know who Alfons Heiderich is and certain things about him, possibly,'s rated R for "resounding!" Just kidding, it's rated R for a reason, K?
Notes:  This can be seen as a follow up to my other fics, Here in Munchen and The Science of Things, but they don't have to be read in order to understand this one, though I really would enjoy your feedback on the other two if you haven't already read them! Thanks! I hope you enjoy!

Collapse )

This fic is also cross posted to blau_und_gold and fm_alchemist. I also realized how the endings to all of my fics are somewhat the same...toh well...hope you all enjoy!
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happy sarasa, basara


I was inspired both by the comment thread of Episode 51 and my resultant discovery that Roy can at times make some pretty funny faces if you step through an episode frame by frame. This resulted in iconage (haven't gotten to the funny faces yet).

The manga icon has been sitting on my hard drive for a while, and since I'm not using it I figured someone else might want it.

No teasers, as all but the manga icon are spoilery for Episode 51.

FMA Clue and The Wine Cellar Joke