March 14th, 2006

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Fma clue

i wasn't going to post this today because in art today a knife got stuck in my finger and it hurts so bad and people keep telling me that they might have to cut it off and i'll have to get a fake finger(that would be awsome i could take it off and scare little kids^.^)anyway, but i told my friend alannah that i would post it for her so here
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Switched Protectors ((Fic))

I hope this is okay. Especially after the little fiasco happening a few posts down. I can assure that I'm legit...Don't hurt the Newb too much.

Author: slaveofmydreams

Chapter Title: Watcher Becomes Protector

Rating: Pg/Pg-13 may go higher later on

Genre: Gen/???

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist; Harry Potter

Warnings: Unbetaed, Spoilers for end of series for FMA, Spoilers up to Book Five of HP. Allusions to death.

Notes: My sad attempt at a Harry Potter/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover that doesn't involve Ed going to Hogwarts for the Philosopher Stone. Any comments to make it better are appreciated and I apologize now for any mistakes found within. I tried to catch them all before hand and used Word as well. 

(Fake cut for I like to keep things in one spot)

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Winry/Rose- 1sentence challenge

As a conjoined work of baeckahaesten and t3h_toby_chan, we bring you the fifty sentences of Winry and Rose.  (Baecka's in Blue and Toby's in Pink)

A really fun project to do, this got us to do a lot of thinking and exploration, and combines a lot of different writing styles, from blatant minimalism, to stringy drabble-like sentences.  Hopefully, this effort will bring more love to an obscure pairing. Lots of fluff, domesticity, angst, and everything in between.

PG-13 (For very mild mentions of sex)

End of Series Spoilers.

Winry, Rose and 'Baby Cain' are a ridiculously wholesome family!  :D

Please give feedback! <3

Iron Yuri

Most of you probaby know what the Iron fic competitions are. The newest competition in the scheduling works is Iron Yuri. As indicated by the title of the competition, the fics will be yuri centered. So if you don't like yuri, please don't sign up or request to be involved. ;)

I'd like to ask now for interested parties to step forward and list their level of participation.

1 - Stand-by Author
2 - Audience

Finalized Author List:

- wofl_iron
- cryogenia
- kaitou_marina
- tears_priestess

These four authors are the primary writers for the competition. Stand-by positions have yet to be filled. =)


Thank you. ^_^