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(kenja no) Is(h)i
10 March 2006 @ 12:35 am
Hola! *is kinda new here* Thought I'd wait until I had at least two pics to show...soo, hope you'll enjoy them *g* and sorry to the ones who might get fed up with seeing those again, as the last one was x-posted on hellsing.

Mustang Mornin' (remember grimm222001's valentines post? --> NOT worksafe...sort of at least ;)) ;
Ed n Alucard
10 March 2006 @ 12:36 am
I was wondering if anyone had the larger version of this picture:

A friend of mine is trying to make a wallpaper and we've been searching all over for it! Any help is greatly appreciated ^_^
10 March 2006 @ 01:46 am
While browsing DA I found an art thief, I know where the 2 Edward pics are from but what about the 2 Envy pics? Here is the link http://takeo-hiroshi.deviantart.com/ I want to know in case I report this so I can have the reference sites. Thx for your help!
Daeva from the Soil
10 March 2006 @ 02:57 am
Well people, other fanarts.
Those ones are heavily NC-17. And in the last one there's rape. You've been warned.

( 'To take me out you must fight like a Man' )
( 'The Fundamentals of Comradeship' )
( 'Useless' )

Thank you for your attention. Feedbacks are more than appreciated, as usual.
All direct-linked to _deadlyweapons_
Keep on Rockin' in MIDGAR
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [72]
HagaRen [01]
Mai-Otome [01]

Excellent. )

10 March 2006 @ 02:36 pm
Man, it's been awhile since I've made a thread with icons.......but in any case, since the latest chapters of FMA, I've been growing into more and more of a Ran Fan "fan". *shot for bad joke* So I made a batch of icons in her honor recently........hope you all like them. :D My rules for icon snatching have been the same as always.......hot-linking is forbidden, and credit is appreciated. Sorry there's so few.......I need to find more time for icon-making. ^^;

Fullmetal Alchemist Icons
Ran Fan x5


Within the smouldering flamesCollapse )
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⌯ ✿ ⌯ Some day I'll sell DNA ⌯ ✿ ⌯
10 March 2006 @ 03:33 pm
10 Icons based off of the white day scan...


( Young Love )

x-posted to: fm_alchemist, fullmetal_icons, and tomfool_tomboy
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the enigmatic E.
10 March 2006 @ 03:49 pm
title: in case of lightning
pairing: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
rating: pg-13 for adult situations
spoilers: vague spoilers for chapter 57
disclaimer: not mine, Arakawa´s
summary: when it rains, they make love with the lights off.

linked to my fic-journal
Shark Bait
10 March 2006 @ 06:32 pm
Another crossover-ish RP for all to check out on! =D


Yeah, it's not on LJ, partly because I don't really like LJ roleplays a whole lot.. And generally get cluttered.

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charlie ϟ
10 March 2006 @ 07:09 pm
Short question!

Does anyone know what chapter Ling first appears in and what volume that is?

And is there anywhere at all where I can find pictures of him? I've looked but have only found a fanlisting for him. It's really sad that there is so little stuff of him around ;_;

Thanks :D
we grew up and wide apart
10 March 2006 @ 08:48 pm

Chapter 57.Collapse )
10 March 2006 @ 09:51 pm
I was browsing the one of the FMA japanese web site and found 3 small FMA magazine scans. They mostly involve the FMA OVA coming out this March. Sadly, I can't find bigger versions of them. :(

Click here for scansCollapse )
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