March 7th, 2006

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(Fake like Jadis' power)
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

After a night of resting a sore throat I manage to complete it!

If you haven't seen this post, YOU MUST.

I've finished the wonderful wonderful FMA: In 5 Minutes by cryogenia! YAY! My throat is officially shot but I wanted to finish it 8D so ENJOY.

SPOILER ALERT. and bad wordies.

YouSendIts will be coming soon :F
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STOCK | c'mon summer go out with grace

Rarg. I have a request...

Darn it. I have scoured the memories, and have come up short. (Wow... no pun intended, really.)

I need that animation of Ed saying "Colonel Mustang is dead sexy!" over and over and over. Somebody made it to Vic's now famous Otakon panel discussion thinger.

If somebody would be so kind as to point me in the right direction, and then perhaps tell me who made it, I would love you forever!

EDIT: Never mind! I found it here!
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[alucard] Finger-lickin' good

[pic] Lead Me Not Into Temptation

Ah, man. XD; I'm going to hell for this, aren't I?

I just had a high of the fluff, and then wanted to do some more fluff for no good reason...

...and then decided to be a real sacrilegeous git while I'm at it. Sorry, everyone...^^;;; I went to three years of Moravian Academy, learned the Lord's Prayer, and did THIS with it.


Lead Me Not Into Temptation.

Post also includes link to rose_nightshade's follow-up pic to this: "And deliver me from evil." X333
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(Art) Envy, Lust, and Scar... though not neccessarily all together.

I finally got a better version up of that art of Envy and Lust being all... sexy.

"Touch me and you die by talons of DOOM!"

And then, a couple of rough sketches that are totallytheladyfeylene's fault for her awesome ScarxLust 1sentence sets.  (Not really worksafe...)

Zomg, I drew scar NEKKID!  (Behold!  Toby not completely failing at male anatomy!)

And Lust bathing.

Fake cuts to them all.  :D
► ten million fireflies

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YEAH, I just started a totelli new RP, which I know realize is somewhat CFUD-like. I AM TERRIBLE. :(

BUT ANYWAYS. yellowsub_rp! I am in dire need of people! D:

BASICLY, you are stuck on the good ol' Yellow Submarine! How did you get there? I HAVE NO IDEA. Maybe you were putting on your pants! Maybe your pants were a mysterious teleportation device! Or maybe someone up there really hates you and forced you into a underwater transportation device, doomed to live out your life in a sea of neverending green!

So uh, yeah.


X-posted LIEK WHOA.
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

FMA: Teh Conq0rer of ShambaRa parts 1 - 3 YOUSENDIT

So here are the mp3s for you guys to listen to over and over again, and also for cryogenia who wanted an MP3 copy for herself :)

FMA: Teh Conq0rer of ShambaRa part part 1

FMA: Teh Conq0rer of ShambaRa part part 2

FMA: Teh Conq0rer of ShambaRa part part 3

Again, I am finished. Enjoy :F And now to brew some tea because wow, my throat really hurts ._.
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SPN Sammeh

Dragon!EnvyXAlfons (fic) : The Freak Show

Beware the CUTE

Real Life Ouroboros

And today was the BIG day, I got the ouroboros added to my collection, bringing me up to a total of 11 tattoos. The design was altered slightly by me due to the fact that all of the small lines making up the original would not have lasted over time (For anyone who has gotten a tattoo knows that they slowly spread slightly over time). So instead of giving up, I made some adjustments, and then Mike went to work.

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GD Top

EdxArmony AMV

Ok i wanted to share an AMV i've made to Ed and Armony. I made it cause someone at youtube said i've should give it a try since i did an EdxWinry and EdxRose so i did. It was kind of hard to make cause i was woundering if i would have enough Armony clips to fit in the video, but i think i did a good job. Oh and also i think there is a couple of clips from the last two episodes so spoilers ahead(I don't remember). I hope you all enjoy and please tell me what you think. ^_^

Oh also the pic at the end i drew for the tile page cause i couldn't find any good pics with Ed and Armony together(don't think there is any). If anyone knows where i can find some can you send them to me. Thanks
[Sex Puppy] -=- [Made by aki_hana; DO NO



My friend, Ichimu-chan and I are going to the Cleveland Colossal Convention which is, obviously, an anime convention, as Movie!Ed and Movie!Al.

We need your help making a list of things to do while we're there. =D. So far, the list includes plenty of crack, and only a couple of sane things. Add absolutely anything you want in comments, please. Seriously, so far we've gotten about twenty comments, but no suggestions DX. Here's the magical list!

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BASARA ✖ 「nostalgia」

2 Banners & a question. nwn;

Not that I'm sure that anyone has a use for 'em... >.>;

I was experiementing with blending images, and I decided to use Lust as my guinea pig. After all, I don't see that much Lust banners.
I was also trying to quote her, but I couldn't come up with anything. Then Trance [To Homunculus] popped up on my iTunes, and I heard that quote from Lust, "Who am I, and where did I come from..?" and.. I quoted that. >.o;;

I also made a rainbowy Al banner. n.n;;; It..was amusing. I took it from Bluebird's Illusion, but I don't remember exactly where. D: (If anyone knows where I might've gotten the picture, please tell me, and I'll credit them! -sweatdrop-
Also a question about Movie!Al inside the Lj-cut, because I don't know if it's considered a spoiler or whatever...

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Chibi and you know it

New silly AMV: "I think I liked it better softly"

Here's what happens when you combine a familiar musical bit from The Electric Company with FMA. I did this in about 2 hours. Enjoy.

"Truly Madly Deeply ELRIC-LY" link (registration required)

N.B.: I encoded it with the divx codec, so you may need to download and install FFDShow at so that your computer can decode the divx codec and you can see the video. :)
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