March 3rd, 2006


Fic: "The Fundamentals of Comradeship"

Title: The Fundamentals of Comradeship
Authors: A boopkit & tomoe_daeva MSN collaboration
Pairing: Arckim, of course XD
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Well, I suppose our English sucks XDD If you find errors, mispellings and other horrors don't hesitate to tell :D This is a What If ffic: it's about Archer and Kimblee at Ishbal. And yes, they are ranked Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel the same (blame my wife and her total careless for storylines XD)
Word Count: 2189
Notes: Well, this had to be a gift by boopkit to me, but this morning she contacted me saying "Weeh, let's write the fanfic together!". I knew this meant I have to say goodbye to my gift XDD Anyway it was funny :D
I tried to underline my point of view about the relationship between Archer & Kimbley, at least I hope you'll find it interesting.

( 'I don't need your affection or sympathy, soldier. I don't need your respect neither. I only need your FUCKING ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL obedience, you get it..?' )

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Hi everyone. I am in need of some fanfiction help. I need someone to help me write a Edward-Roy fanfiction. I need help with writing and spelling/grammer.
Yaoi warning.
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Sorry guys for spaming you...

Finally, I can show of my wigs...

Well, it took forever, but we finally got a camera. Correction: parrotchild got a camera for her birthday but is a sweetheart and lets me use it.

So, I decided, first and foremost, I must show off my FMA Movie cosplay wigs and stuff. The outfits aren't done, but at least you can see the material and such. Plus my adorable Edo and Aru plushies! I made them myself ^__^ We'll be carrying them around AX, so if you see those, you should see us ^__^

(This way for the Edo/Aru Related Pics)

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FMA in Canada

A little quick-and-dirty celebration picture for FMA finally airing here in the great white north. If you ever wanted to see Edward dressed as a mountie, click here.

I thought of making Alphonse a hockey player, but then you couldn't see the armor. XD
Master of Disguise?

Flame Alchemist

Hey, can anyone tell me what volume the "Flame Alchemist" gaiden is in. I had heard it was going to be in volume 6 but it's obviously not. I don't need it, (Already have it on a website) just wanted to see when/if it'd be in book form. I couldn't find anything on the memories list about it, so I don't know if it's already been answered or not.
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But what about Denny? D:

Ahhh .. heh. ^^; Hi. I come to you Fullmetal Alchemist fans with a request. ^^; For a while now, I've been looking for an icon of Denny Brosh .. and have found none. I'm in need of one at the moment (I'm in a roleplay outside of LJ and right now the profile is void of an icon ^^; ), and I would be reeeeeally happy if someone could at least lead me to a place with Brosh icons. =x

Sooo .. please and thank you? :D
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Two pictures of Eny and and Lust

Alas I did not draw these. *pout* My sister roccapriori for me. She told me I could post them for you all to see. I love my sis! She's never drawn Lust or Envy before and they turned out awesome. So behold my sister's sketches!

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I'll have some of my own pictures to show off soon. If I ever get around to coloring them that is. I'm laaaazy!
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[crappy Webcam Video] Fun With FMA Figures- Part 2


This one is a result of boredom at like 2AM.......

Title: Fun With Figures: FMA- Part 2: My Big Fat Alchemist Wedding
Genre: Humor, Parody, Crappy Webcamness
Characters: Ed, Al, Winry, Roy, Envy, Havoc, Russell, Hoho, Fletcher, Hughes, Riza, Sephiroth (as the minister), and a bunch of others....
Voices: kyatto and noroki_girl
Filmed by: noroki_girl 's webcam on her computer. XD
Length: Roughly 20 mins
Rating: Hard PG-13.....Heck with it, it's R for....stuff.....>_>;;

Summary: In slight continuation from the first one. What happens at Ed and Winry's wedding doesn't quite go as they planned....


Uploaded to : YouTube (If your computer does not support YouTube feel free to PM or email noroki_girl with a request for it to be directly sent to you or uploaded to a YSI )

Notes: Full View if you are able to. (Looks better) Also you may want to turn your sound up. We apologize if there's anything overly offensive in it....but we tried to be pretty equal with the jokes..... We can say Ed/Win, Winry/Riza, Russell/Ed and other shippers will be pleased XD Sephiroth can pwn any wedding ^.^;;


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Cuteness is Kicking Serious Arse

Gilded Cage Chapter 19

Eeek! I managed a Chapter, house work, and a RPG! Let me know if the end seems rushed. I did it horribly distracted.
Chapter 19
Wedding Blues
Warnings:MOVIE and END of SERIES SPOILERS. Slash and Het implications if you read into it,violence, drug usage, forced weddings and a very stoned Ed. Al and Ed WHUMPING
Fic Type:General, Action Adventure with LOTS of ANGST
Characters: Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Noa, Alter Roy, Alter Hughes, Alter Gracia, Alter Cornello, and Envy sightings and Captain Jack Harkness (though he is not in this chapter)
CROSSOVER: With Doctor Who but FMA HEAVY

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I finished.

Unfortunately, I had to tear it out of my sketchbook to scan it without a blur ;~; Which means I have to take to cropping and punched pockets and ringbinding to store my art... (at least I figured out how to stop the blur though... I have to PUSH DOWN on the top of the scanner).

So... cyberpunk Winry :3

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As per usual, fanart usage terms are on my FAQ, and my website may be found at:

Site request!

If this isn't allowed please delete this post. Does anyone have any good Japanese fanart sites of FMA? I had a bunch but then I lost them! >.< So if someone could help me out I'd be very grateful! Thank you! *bows*