February 28th, 2006



Title: Behind Closed Doors
Characters: Ed, Roy and a splash of Al
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Word Count: 985
Notes: This is an alternate POV to the lovely wofl_iron's drabble "Take the Bait". If you havn't read it, this will probably make very little sense XD So read it if you havn't and love it because it is A+! Also, omg I wrote gencrack, wtf o__o

( The Fullmetal Alchemist stormed into Roy’s inner office... )
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Fic (Roy/Hawkeye)

i forgot to pimp me to post this when i wrote it a couple of days ago.

written for royai_fiction #3 challenge.

title: a commentary on the theory of the blue goddess
fandom: fullmetal alchemist
pairing: roy mustang/riza hawkeye
rating: R, for sexual content
spoilers: none, set pre-series
summary: Roy and Hawkeye paint a wall in her house. nothing more, really.

notes: title is a nod to robert graves. paint colour provided by vince.

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Master of Disguise?

Breda question.

Hey, I'm currently writing a Mustang-tachi fic and I want to keep it in character, so here's my question. Does anyone know what Breda does? In both the manga and the anime, we know that he's really good at games. I know that. What I need to know is what his specialty is. You know, Roy has alchemy, Riza and Havoc are good with guns, Fuery's good with technology, Falman gathers information, but I don't recall them ever saying what Breda does. Does anyone know?
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Master of Disguise?

Calling of Kurai: Chapter three

Series Title: Calling of Kurai
Series Rating:: R
Main Characters: Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc, Heymans Breda, Kain Fuery.
Summary: Post-movie. Everything seems routine for the Mustang-tachi until monsters appear and several murders occur. Also, several women disappear without a trace. Will they be able to solve this mystery, or will this case hit closer to home than comfortable?

Warning: It's kept in character (No OOC) but has some material in later chapters which might be considered inappropriate for younger readers. This includes graphic imagery and gore. Also keep in mind that it's post-movie and does contain small spoilers.

Here's the previous chapters for those who haven't read any yet.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Collapse )

Please, read and review. I'd like to hear if anyone is interested. Thanks.
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(no subject)

Greetings! Today I come bearing ficcage from an AU I've been writing lately. This is the third part of a series of Roy/Ed ficlets set during a war.

Author: the_quagga.
Pairing: Roy/Ed.
Chapter: Three. Previous two parts linked in post.
Rating/Warnings: R, for violence in some parts and strong language. ANGST. Very mild shonen-ai.
Summary: The battle is over. Ed hates Roy's fumbling attempts at being kind, especially when he knows he doesn't deserve it.
Notes: Thank you, betas!

(Onwards to ficcage! Links to part one and two included.)

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Scan Request


I'm searching for a few doujinshis.... doesn't matter if scans or real... I think I would also buy the real thing *___*

the ones I'm searching for:

IDEA - Amaoto/Discord
IDEA - living will
IDEA - MP (have scans, searching real thing)

Mechano - Love me tender
Mechano - Solitude (have scans, searching real thing)

Mame Drop - LOVE/LETTER/1921 #1
Mame Drop - LOVE/LETTER/1921 #2
Mame Drop - LOVE/LETTER/1921 #3

NINEKOKS - 1921 #1
NINEKOKS - 1921 #2
NINEKOKS - 1921 #3

would be so nice if someone could help me!!!
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A quick wallpaper

I got bored. So I made a wallpaper! And it only too me a one minute to make it....

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Yeah...I've been wanting to make another wallpaper for a while now. Even if it's not that fancy....I still think it came out good. Anyway...it's free for personal use if you want to use it. So snagg away ^_^ ! Comments on it are welcome as well....

X-posed to: royai and fm_alchemist
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