February 23rd, 2006

Infinitum [DGM]

Drabble - You're Doing it Again

Title: You're Doing it Again
Author: Selah
Rating: G
Pairing: Roy/Edward
Wordcount: 629 words
Music: Leonard Cohen's Suzanne
Notes: Pure fluff, a small drabble that grew.^^

( Edward was dressed in a pair of white, cotton boxers with a blue military jacket wrapped around his upper body and was currently lying in his commander officers bed which in itself should have been consider oddly )
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Umm... o.o;; -insert random subject here-

Yes, I know this is my first post to this comunity but I'm verry shy about my crackity-angsty-fluffness so..... @.@ Yea, I got really bored and I know half off the crack in my story is fake some of it isn't so... kinda half spoilers? Or something or other... @.@;; no... lots of spoilers... sorry.. o///o I know it sucks this is why I'm shy about my writing >////> So... yea tell me what you think about it... please?

Pairing: Envy/Ed? Hinted Elricest... o.o;; I think..
Title: Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter
Author: Katie
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 653
Characters without spaces: 2,748
Characters with spaces: 3,414
Music: Anywhere, by: Evanecence

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New Roleplaying/Writing community

It’s finally done!

redstone_rp is up and running. We have a few players but we definitely need more! The first two names on the most wanted list are Hohenheim and Dante. We need smart masterminds to play them with good RPing and writing abilities.

What is redstone_rp? Half RP comm and half a fanfiction project. The RP-ing takes place on various messenger programs or on our board and the closed sessions – after appropriately formatted – will be uploaded on the community.

Any character can be taken, anime and mangaverse as well but the canon is totally different from what you know. Because of that, it’s not impossible to start with a new homunculus.

The condensed version: Before even they could have tried to resurrect their mother, Ed died. Al attempted to bring him back – this resulted in a Sin Ed and Al loosing his arm and leg. Envy!Ed was taken by Dante, Al joined the military. After four years and the Ishbal conflict which ended by Scar creating the Stone, Alphonse deserted the military and fled from Amestris with a mysterious, ruby-eyed stranger on his side. The military is successfully infiltrated by Dante’s homunculi agents, Roy can’t do much but try to lessen the damage and Dante isn’t far from reaching her ultimate goal – using the same transmutation, which destroyed Xerxes and resulted in Amestris abandoning religion – becoming a goddess herself.

At the time the game begins, Al just returned in search of his father’s notes. Dante is about to begin with the final stage of her master plan and there’s only one person, who might know how to stop her: Light Hohenheim, who is much more than he seems to be.

Aside of the drama and angst, there are tons of SMUT in the making – please consider this, before you try to apply. Mature themes such as sexual situations, violence and bad language will be present in most of the fanfics. However if you feel mature enough, think you can work together with others and forge good writing, drop in, take a look and if you’re interested, don’t be afraid of joining!

Two things:

A fic, and a question.

The fic is miniscule and has no beta. It's a somewhat AU situation, although it follows canon up until episode 45ish. The AU aspects of it are pretty irrelevant...

Title: After Risembool
Author: miserywhp
Characters: Roy and Ed.
Rating: Um, PG?

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It's longer than I thought...

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So, if anyone thinks they'd be interested in that please let me know - I don't want to open a community that no one wants to join.
Also, the game will be on Greatest Journal, based on the fact that they give plenty of icons and image storage space to free users.


Battlefield 22

Series Title: Battlefield
Series Rating:: PG - NC-17
Main Characters:Edward Elric, Jean Havoc
Other Characters: Various other members of the Peanut Gallery called Fullmetal Alchemist
Word Count:
Warning Yaoi; consensual, underage sex (once they get around it); potential overdosing of crrrrack.

Synopsis: Jean's luck rears its ugly head.

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Part 22: A Wave of Action Speaks Louder Than Words - Rating Hard R
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Fullmetal Alchemist Movie Community

Hello everyone!

I've come to share our new community with you all: hagarenmovie is a FMA Movie Media community newly created by yours truly. Its sole purpose is to bring together in one place the fanart, fanfiction, and other Movie!related media for the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. A community is made by how active its members are, so I urge all of you who have seen/like the movie to come and join, post, and have fun! ^_^

Or at least compliment me on the layout...XP

We're also currently seeking mods, so please feel free to fill out an application while your there, if you have the time/modding experience.

Sorry about the cross-posting.
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「TAGUCHI」 Junnosuke

SCAR Moodtheme...

I've done a basic SCAR set and added it to the List.

Please note that this is NOT A COMPLETE MOODTHEME SET - it only contains 61 of the 132 moods, it was pretty hard to get him in any kind of 'happy' mood *laughs*. Anyhow I have just covered the basics [which means that every mood will work, just that some will double up etc...].

Anyhow, also as requested --> SCAR

[Click the above image to be taken to the download page]

I'm only going to do another two themes to make a set of 10, and those will be Kimblee & Al. Hopefully I'll get them done within the next week or so.
I'm glad you guys like them.

Please remember to credit me, I put ALOT of work into these ^_^
Comments to know what you have taken are appreciated as well.
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KH - OT3

[fic] Gravity

Because it's been too long since I paid the Blondpile any attention. They were calling to me again. And threatening me with bodily harm.

Title: Gravity
Pairing: Blondpile
Rating: G, unless the fact it's an incestuous foursome automatically bumps it to higher ratings.
Summary: Edward was the one who did the necessary things.


Sorry to bother you guys...

I really don't like to do this but...I know I've seen this icon before.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Anyone know who really made it? I believe it was sky_dark, but I could be wrong. Regardless, this girl is claiming it as her own. (see the name?) Beware though, for me it says that it can't load the rest of her xanga. So if you want to see for yourself press escape quick if a message pops up. :/

Also, she has a few stolen icons on her old site and her newer site.

I know it really isn't a big deal, but I just thought I'd give the creator and others a heads up. I will delete this if necessary.
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YKK Graphics

Chibi Al and Ed Layout

For your use and and enjoyment I bring you a Fullmetal Alchemist journal layout featuring Chibi Ed, Chibi Al, and some Kitties. The layout is for the S1 style and can be used by users with both a free and paid users. Included in the layout is a matching Friends Only banner for you to use. A full working preivew can be found at my prview journal.

Layout: Chibi Al and Ed
Style: S1 Boxer Lookalike with original code by babyelefant
Layout Preview: alpha_hasseno or http://alpha-hasseno.livejournal.com/
FO Banner Prieview: Al and Ed Friends
Requirements: Website named in your user info and proper layout credit to either chibihalo or ykkgraphics
Download: Zip file with images, codes, and instructions

The friends only banner is available for the taking from the preview. Proper credit is appreciated.

X-posted to ykkgraphics
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