February 16th, 2006

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Okay I was in Publix a couple months back like maybe 2 or so not sure. But that's besides the point. I went to the magazine section and looked around and saw one of the covers. I don't know which magazine it was but I remember the word "ANIME" really big. Not sure if it was anime insider but okay. On the cover it wasn't FMA but in the upper right hand corner it had Ed and Winry and it said "Fullmetal Alchemist Characters in Love?" Or something. Now I would love to know if any of you out there have that issue of the magazine and the article. I wanted to read it but I never did. ;___; So if anyone is nice and has it would you please scan it. Love to you if you will.

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I'm relatively new here, but I've made some FMA icons that I wanted to share. They're from both the manga and anime, and a couple of them I think might be spoilers. Please comment if you take one (or more) and credit.

Icon Count: 13
[1] Elric brothers
[1] Al
[1] Ed
[5] Scar
[4] Envy
[1] Basque Gran


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Gift Fic for Sky Dark: Crimson and Clover (Roy/Ed)

Title: Crimson and Clover
Author: djin7
Word count: approx 2700, just a scene/omake.
Rating: PG
Beta: reddwarfer
Pairing: FullMetal Alchemist: Roy/Ed with implied Ling/Ed
Warnings: er…angst? With a side of angst?

Summary: Ed has a dark place. Roy tries to light his way.

A/N and disclaimer: I don’t own FMA. A very talented artist and many large and scary corporations do. They can keep their money.
Lyrics are, of course, from Etta James’ “At Last”.
This is dedicated to sky_dark and ripped off based entirely in her most excellent universe The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Education Teacher and Better Living Through Alchemy. Set after her last chapter, 17.
Inspired by these two lines in BLTA: Has the General been your only lover?
What the hell was wrong with him that he let that pompous, monkey-faced bastard get away with putting his lips all over him?

A thrill that I have never known...
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