February 11th, 2006

イチュウノ女 |ジェノヴァ

amv dump!..and crack~

yo~ i made a handfull of AMVs...and I'd love it if you watched em sometime ^^; of course, you dont have to x3

**some of the videos below have spoilers in them...so be careful if you havent seen the end of the series^^ thank you mistix_chan~!
This one has the sounds from SouthPark...the episode with Russle Crowe xDD It's my favorite...:D
http://www.youtube.com/?v=VMJw05mhKUk (MAJOR crack)

This is also crack...the music is of me and my lovely Tasuki talking and singing...Wizard of Oz...breasts...envy singing about vaginas; the works xD
http://www.youtube.com/?v=N7OV3rqIa8o (more crack!)

Unfortunately this isnt crack u_u However, it's my first AMV ever so I would bestowe upon you so many cookies...^^ <3
http://www.youtube.com/?v=hXiSt-GjXWo (not crack)*SPOILERS!*

i hope you like em! <3
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FMA icon

I know a lot of people LURVE my bjork icon ( as seen here ) so I made a fma one in resemblance. Granted, it's not as funny. But here ya go:

I'm not sure how to make the filesize small enough to be under40k to upload to lj, so if anyone knows how, go ahead and be my guest [ i'll even host it on my server for people to download ].

Enjoy! :)

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