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07 February 2006 @ 01:24 am

Apres la 1ere serie de Fanarts d'hier, je me permets de poster de nouveaux, encrés et colorés cette fois.

Nouveaux Fanarts à découvrir !Collapse )

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07 February 2006 @ 01:45 am
[Title] The Sin of Faith
[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] LustxScar
[Rating] Nc17
[Beta] vwl
[Spoilers?] Yes. If you don't know who Scar or Lust are, do not read. There is sex. Heterosexual sex. It's a bit strange, and I can't really place exactly when it might have happened, so let us just call it AU and be happy.
[Chatter] This is for theladyfeylene who wanted a LustxScar. Thanks babe! this was a blast to write, in a creepy sort of way. A bit long, but I didn't think you would complain.

The Sin of FaithCollapse )

So to please you FMA Fans, here's our Movie Rant!

(We didn't include everything because there was just too much to rant about and we were rather pressed for time so it would upload)

2369K 12:08
(no transcription available)

Topic: FullMetal Alchemist Movie
Warnings: PG-13, SPOILERS
Genre: Comedy, Humor, XD
Ranters: kyatto noroki_girl
Length: Roughly 10 minutes (maybe)

Note: This is not just a rant but a general discussion. We point out both the good and the bad. We may do another (FMA Movie Rant 2) and also when I get Adobe Premiere going we want to record our own fanon commentary :D Also all views in this are opinions not fact, just things we noticed. Feel free to discuss whatever we bring up amongst yourselves.

(Transcription will be availible ASAP)

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07 February 2006 @ 01:44 pm
Title: The Tenth Yard
Author: ketita
Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)
Spoilers: none
Summary: Just how far is Al willing to go for Ed? (Drabble-ish)

A physical sacrifice would have been so much easier...
talk wicked to me
07 February 2006 @ 03:06 pm
WOO! I've been on a roll lately! =D

( Follow the fake cut~! )
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07 February 2006 @ 03:58 pm
Muahahaha.  >:3  FMA crack is wonderful stuff.


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I'm not very good at the cut thing...
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Arijan (pronounced "AH-ree-yawn")
07 February 2006 @ 04:43 pm
Title: Soror Minima Natu
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Spoilers: Up to episode 7.
Characters: Scar, Nina
Genre: Angst, character introspective
Beta Reader: maypirate

O little sister, he thought when it was over...Collapse )

Vinculum: n. (latin) A bond; a fetter; a kinship or relationship; a chain.
\\Vinculum the First//: Mater Familias
\\Vinculum the Third//: Proles Spuria
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07 February 2006 @ 05:48 pm
is it possible for someone to get me this pic.

movie spoiler http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/215004/last/#last

I am a noob poster/user, so I cant veiw it and make it larger, so can someone help? Either click it to make it bigger and then post a diff link or if they have it, simply post it?

Please and thank you


and this! http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/206395/ i dont beleive ive ever seen THIS christmas scan before! Whoa, movie people.
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07 February 2006 @ 06:54 pm
Yay for movie transcriptions! Heres the original voice post, if you want to listen.

I'm skipping the spoiler warnings, and just saying theres a LOT of SPOILERS, so avoid if you don't want to be spoiled.

Any text like this means I don't know what they're saying and am offering an idea, or it's just me talking.

Annnd....I added pics XD Because I have a whole bunch from the movie. Kindly provided by someone on fm_alchemist. Thanks a whole bunch! I wish I remembered your name...

FMA Movie Rant TranscriptionCollapse )

Alrighty, that took me two hours to transcribe....back to school work...@_@

Me: Essay?What Essay? Heres a copy of the voicepost I transcribed instead.
Professor: *stamps* FAIL.

Also, NOTE! A few </small>CORRECTIONS</small> can be found here. I apologize for not getting it all.


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07 February 2006 @ 07:27 pm
Gild cage
Warnings: Movie and end of Series Spoilers. Crossover with Doctor Who. Possible Het and Slash implications.
Type: Action Adventure/Hurt comfort fic
Summery: Ed Tells Noa Kaiser's plans.
Characters: Noa, Ed, Al and Captain Jack.
I wrote a snipit for Noa to get her point of view. Let me know if I should keep it in or can it.

Read more...Collapse )
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07 February 2006 @ 08:43 pm
*laughs* So after transcribing the FMA Movie rant, I got some ideas XD And then decided to mess around with photoshop...

Small spoiler warning for the FMA Movie XP

Roy/Al: Their love is so Royal... Yay for puns!Collapse )

Eh, I know I have problems. But it's so much fun!
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Let's Mosey
07 February 2006 @ 09:27 pm
Title - Three is company
Author - teambenevolence
Disclaimer - I don't own FMA. Lucky for you guys.
Theme/Challenge 40baisers #33: new friend
Pairing - Roy/Ed
Rating - R


Title - Emotions
Author - teambenevolence
Theme/Challenge 40baisers #38: cry
Fandom - FMA
Pairing - Roy/Ed
Rating - PG13

Click 2

x-posted liek woah
07 February 2006 @ 09:30 pm
[Title] Written
[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] EdxAl
[Rating] Nc17
[Beta] vwl
[Spoilers?] Yes. AU. The Movie doesn’t exist in this.
[Chatter] And the plot thickens, and Al does something stupid again in the name of doing something right. ^_^

Chapter SixteenCollapse )

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07 February 2006 @ 10:16 pm
-EDIT- I actually attemted to shade it. Please look!

I was bored. Really really bored. And then this popped into my head. Oh yeah, it isn't resized yet cus I still have to do the shading. So it's kind of large. I REALLY hate shading. I can never figure out where to put shadows.

Clicky here!
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07 February 2006 @ 11:02 pm

hey, ya like you know valentine's day is coming soon ^^ (alright, actualy, as wierd as it's seems, I hate valentine's day ¬¬ ) but it's a great opportunity to make pic! ^^ ya so I drew an edo cupidon ¬¬

(it's cupidon, so ya, he's naked... DA!)




kyatto and noroki_girl bring you yet another one!

Topic: FMA Movie among other small random FMA-ish things
Rating: Hard PG-13 (you may hear an F-Word)
Length: Not even 10 minutes I think. (SHORTEST EVER XD)
Genre: Voice Post Ranting, Comedy, Humor, Random insanity

3362K 17:04
(no transcription available)

Yes! Another for all you lovely FMA fans!

We tried to enunciate....we tried very hard. XD Probably failed.

And we now have a website with links to all of our previous rants in case you may have missed one...

Transcription: (ASAP)


kyatto tw_ranters tehharem fm_alchemist
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07 February 2006 @ 11:53 pm
Ok i just have to share this cause i thought it was funny. Anyways yesterday my sister and i were watching the Fullmetal Alchemist movie on dvd. And my sister told me she was thinking about Eds english voice by Vic and how she thinks Eds voice in english is hot. Then she says but his japanese voice is also hot. She started to laugh cause she's like wait a minute he's played by Romi Paku in japanese so shes saying a girls voice is hot. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could she. I just had to share my little story ^_^
I hope i can post this if not let me know and i delete it.
07 February 2006 @ 11:59 pm

Sorry for english speakers, but this post is related to french spkeakers : I request everybody to start a french community for FMA. You can participate if you're not laking in Moliere's language... !

Voila, tout le monde ! Je fais appel à tous les francophones qui passent régulièrement (ou non) sur fm_alchemist : avec nishibi, kao_sama et cie, on aimerait créer fma_fr, une communauté FMA francophone.
Ceux qui seraient intéressé dans la création de cette communauté, vous pouvez nous donner votre avis ?

Je compte sur Nishibi pour le layout ;p

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