February 3rd, 2006


Battlefield 14

Series Title: Battlefield
Series Rating:: PG - NC-17
Main Characters:Edward Elric, Jean Havoc
Other Characters: Various other members of the Peanut Gallery called Fullmetal Alchemist
Word Count: 2,680
Warning Yaoi; consensual, underaged sex (once they get around it); potential overdosing of crrrrack.

Synopsis: Jean decides what is the better part of valor.

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Part 14: You Like to Think That You're Immune to the Stuff - Rated Hard R for some hand-held fun
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River kills feez

Gilded Cage

Thanks again for the folks who patiently answered my nutty questions. I have lots of crazy ideas but couldn't had made them work without the folks here on the FMA list and the Who lists who kindly answered them...

Chapter 15

General, Action Adventure with hurt comfort. If you read into things which is your business and not mine ^_^, you may see slash and het hints, but these things are not the main motivation of the fic. Though the Kaiser may have different ideas.
Characters: Ed, Al, Noa, Envy sightings and Alter Roy. Captain Jack from Doctor Who.
Crossover with Doctor Who, mainly a what if FMA world existed in the who world and how it would work in Who context.... This chapter might be a bit WHONObABBLE, but it really blends with the metaphysical theories of the 1920s and FMA's World Physics... So I think it is rather COOL.
WARNINGS: MOVIE and END of Series SPOILERS. This chapter is intense and I hope it makes sense.
Rating:PG-13 For Al WHUMPING
Summery:Kaiser changes his plans for the Elric boys and Al betrays his almost promise to Edward.
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[click] if you want to see what can come into existence during booooooring chemistry lesson. I think it's one of the best school-drawings I've ever created :3
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Quick Question

Hi, I just have a really random question that is bugging me to no end. What is the name of that song that plays on the anime when Ed and Al first meet Dante in episode 33? I know that isn't the only time it's featured, but that's the first time it's heard I think. It's also the creepy background song on the newest Adult Swim FMA promo. Is it the "Dante" theme listed on the soundtracks? I'd really like to find it.
QAF - Brian/Belt

Wedding day pictures?

I figured I would post some more doujinshi crack pictures as people seem to like them..plus we all need a laugh every now and then. Well, that and the fact that I already uploaded them to show someone else, might as well share.

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River kills feez

Am I nuts? Roy PUSHIE is NAUGHTY

My daughter has two Ed dolls and we just introduced Roy to the crib. Her crib is tilted up, so she can sleep better at night. The other day, I go to clean up her toys and I find Roy on top of Munich Ed, like he is spanking him.....00;

Ok, fine. I move Roy, scolding him. Poor Munich Ed used to be the king of the crib you see, but she now rocks Roy and we put a diaper on him the other day (though I think Ed would have been relieved of that duty).

Two hours later, I find Roy errrr in the old 69 position with Evil Ed (TV Ed with the evil smile). Now Just so you know I'm not a Roy Ed shipper, I really don't ship anything in FMA fandom. But after Roy moved into the crib, I keep finding him in rather naughty positions with the Eds. I came to one conclusion. Gravity Ships Roy and Ed....
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Double Drabble

Droplet of Memories
By Gomp

Random Drabble- Takes place in the middle of the series... no real setting.

Word Count- 171
Ed's point-of-view

I don’t own Fma.
You know- I have heard so many stories of these people who have lived these rough lives, but dwell on everything. Was mine rough? I lost two limbs, lost my mother twice, and lost my brother’s body.

It had rained that faithful day, (oh god it had rained...)


My Morning
By Gomp

Random Drabble- Takes place in the middle of the series... no real setting.

Word Count- 339
Ed's point-of-view

I don’t own Fma.

It was one of those gray days. The trees were dead and the birds did not chirp. The outside made me feel dull and plain. Yippee.

(I wanted to stay inside...)
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2 FMA Videos

Hello again I have 2 new music videos i made i would like to share. Also they both have spoilers from the end of the show and the movie.

First one is called Lulian(i'd give my heart) and its by Within Temptation. And it reminded me of Ed so its an Ed music video.

This one i did to the Song Last Meeting from Fullmetal. I just love this song so much so i tried to make a video to it. But i hope it turned out alright. It was kind of hard to get it the way i wanted it.

Also i have a very bad habit of using the same clips so you might see some in both of the videos. Its just they go so well with more than one song. Sorry about that. Well i hope you all enjoy ^_^


Transcription for kyatto Hilarious Leather Rant (right here in voice post form).

Anything in text like this is when I'm unsure about what she's saying and offering possible alternatives.

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I apologize for the parts that are unclear, its mostly my speakers fault, I can't hear what she says clearly.
Wanted Luffy


I have a question about one of the songs. I think they play it at the end of episode 13, when Mustang and Ed are cleaning up after their match. But, it's like, a harmonica. o.O And it's so sad. Dx Would anyone happen to know what it's called?
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