January 31st, 2006

QAF - Brian/Belt

Episode 37 crack

I got this sent to me today from a friend that doesn't even watch FMA. He just knew I wasn't feeling well, and decided to cheer me up. Now, I don't know where this came from except it's from a doujinshi, but I thought I would share because it's too funny.

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Fullmetal Alchemist movie AMV

Alrighty! After a hectic night of slap-dash video editing, and an even more hectic morning of slap-dash video editing while getting ready for school and trying not to be late AND dealing with my computers fussiness so that it would finally save the damn video, I bring you ANOTHER FMA MOVIE MUSIC VIDEO!

Please, hold your applause 'till the end of the show.

So, here are the facts:

Name: Scarlet Letter
Source: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conquorer of Shambala
Music: "Scarlet" by Jars of Clay (yay! I got to do an AMV with their music! I <3 them!)
Pairing: Hei/Edo
Warnings: YES! HUGE SPOILER WARNING. No end-of-movie spoilers, but certainly character-related spoilers. So if you haven't seen the movie yet, it'll be your own fault if you watch it and somethings ruined for you.
Download Version: You Send It (if the download runs out, tell me and I'll upload it once more)
YouTube Version: Pixleized, but still recognizable

And comments are L O V E, and I need all the lovin' I can get (work= meeeeaaannn).


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Sex God


This is my FIRST EVER fic/drabble, please go easy.

Title: Sunset Tears
Character: Roy Mustang
Rating: G/PG? (A gun, and mention of alcohol.)
Spoilers: Maes Hughes stuff.
Description: A depressed Roy wollowing in sadness...
Words: 207
Feedback: Please. Critique welcome.
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA. Or any of the herein mentioned characters.

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River kills feez

Unfinished FMA fic

I haven't finished this, so it is very rough. So, how do I finish it? Anythoughts? I just wanted a Angst/fluff fic, but I don't know where it is going....

I'm need advice, can anyone help? What should I do next? Remember, this is rough, it hasn't been beta read and I need to edit for grammer and will when I finish it. I am more interested in character stuff.

FMA Au Fic Ragtime
Warning: Movie Spoilers

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(no subject)

This is my first EdxWin fanart, and the first I paint with photoshop after drawing it by hand.
I drew it for a friend and took a photo of it (cause my scanner's broken :P). Then, I decided to paint it with photoshop and that's the result ^^.

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[allen] *wink*

[coloured doodles] Little known facts about our vampires...

Not part of the vampire topics, but still part of the "Moss Cathedrals: Back to Bedlam" vampire arc!

I decided to do something light-hearted and fun, so I drew three doodles with "little known facts" about the kooky family (Elric brothers and Jean).

Even if you don't like the arc...just think of it as weird fanart or something^^;

Little known facts about Al, Ed, and Havoc...
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