January 28th, 2006

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whew! More! more!

Here ya go! And Klaus is in there, by request!

Here's the breakdown:
(x3)Ed & Al


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Of course, all bases are by: _ravenwing

xComment on which ones you're taking
xCredit me in keywords
xNo hotlink, direct link
xNo distrubuting as your own
xIf you would like to see more, how 'bout karmalution :D?

Enjoy! :P

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Since it's winter, and there's nothing to do in the boondocks, I've been making more fanart. It's becoming an addiction... at least I think I'm improving a little. I had a billion pictures in my dresser, so I picked a Roy one and colored it. Despite how it looks, I did spend many hours working on it. (Pretty sad, huh?)

View here.


In Need of a Little Help

*waves* Hi everybody, I've got a small request. Could anyone here be a love and e-mail some Greed and/or Izumi icons to fullmetal_the_cute @ yahoo.com? I'm growing just a little desperate for them, and my evil computer wont allow me to save.

*makes the sad puppy face* Pleeeeeeeese?

Thanks in advance!
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An FO banner.

Right then. I'm planning to make a new FO banner, so I figured I'd offer up the old one for anyone who might like it.

If you wish to use it please upload to your own server. Or just let me know and I'll put it in a puppet account for your use.

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Devotions: Chapter 8 "Rebirth"

Title: Devotions
Chapter Title: Rebirth
Genre: Fluff, angst, drama, tragedy, romance, squick
Pairings: RoyEd + 9 Hidden (3 non-con, 1 one-sided, 1 implied)
Rating (this chapter): PG-13 (next time it won't be so innocent)
Rating (overall): NC-17
Warnings (this chapter): mindfuck, character deaths, wtf moments
Warnings (overall): blood play, character deaths, corpse rape, genital mutilation, graphic rapes, het, homunculus sex, mindfuck, mind control, Nazism, one of the characters going insane, post-series AU, squick, spoilers up through the end of the series, yaoi
Summary: Sometimes coping is hard than we'd imagine.
Chapter Summary: Kimblee sighed, annoyed at the display of affection. "You do know, though, that if the theory doesn't work, you could lose him entirely."
Co-plot-comer-upper-with: thatonefangirl
Beta: gilwen_sumer
Word Count: 2885

Chapter 0 "Apples"
Chapter 1 "Coffee and Snuggles"
Chapter 2 "Brotherly Love"
Chapter 3 "Caring and Surviving"
Chapter 4 "Replacement"
Chapter 5 "Memory"
Chapter 6 “Waking up to a Dream”
Chapter 7 "Things Fall Apart"

( "Rebirth" [Fake Cut] )

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The Abducted Alchemist

Haven't seen any posts about this yet, so! I thought I'd let everyone know that the second Fullmetal Alchemist novel, "The Abducted Alchemist" by Makoto Inoue, has hit the streets. I just got home from scooping it up from my local Walden's (and the damn thing was on the top shelf too! I had to ask someone to get it down for me! *WAILS*) This novel's got a much heftier dose of the military characters, so if you like them, I'd recommend picking it up XDDDD Since I don't really have a way of sharing the illustrations at the moment, I'll leave you with an amusing excerpt instead:

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To Walk a Mile: Part 25

Title: To Walk a Mile (Part 25)
Genre: Body swap
Rating: R
Warnings: Adult Language
Summary: "Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes" has often been said to make you try to see it from someone else’s perspective. Well, what would happen if instead of saying it, it actually happened?
Word Countage: 2,890
Total for fic so far: 57,015
Previous chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
A/N: Is it just me, or is each chapter getting longer as I keep this thing alive going?

He didn’t want to sleep. He knew what was coming, and he didn’t want to be lulled into a false sense of security that was nothing more than an image in a picture book....
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[pic] Vampire topic #5

FMA Vampire topics...15 down, 5 more to go!

This one took me quite a while, trying to decide on the colours, the pose, the perspective, the clothes, etc. And yet it came out to be such a simple pic...

Either way, here's the next one. Might contain some END OF SERIES SPOILERS, but it's only with the character.

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Take many hours of speculation, condense them into one fic, and this is what you get.

Title: Fate Accompli
Author: </a></font></b></a>ketita
Words: 10971
Rating: PG-13 (mostly for swearing)
Genre: Gen, AU-continuation
Spoilers: General manga spoilers
Summary: Nearly ten years have passed, and Al still isn't restored. Half-mad with guilt and cut off from everybody, Edward pours all his energy, in a desperate last-ditch attempt, into the only solution he has found, before what seems like inevitable death can claim him.

"Al, I've had a life expectancy of about three days for over four years now, and you don't see me acting like a ninny over it, do you?"

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Some More Artwork - Fluff and Elric doodles

Some more artwork - the comic was something I did a while ago now, but I didn't want to make a post here until I had at least a few more pieces of art to show.

First one's a DA link, the other two are Photo Bucket:

At Last - Comic (Fluff for Roy/Riza fans)

Chibi Al Doodle (I'm a big fan of the 5-year-old Al...he's so chubby! :3)

This one here is a draft sketch - So obviously the pannels are pretty wonky and such. XD Not FULLY finished either...I'm debating Ed's face in the bottom pannel because I don't want to keep it looking like the anime style, and use my own...but if I go too overboard, then I might loose the 'little Ed' look. XD:
Little Elric Pannel Art
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