January 25th, 2006

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FMA Essay ideas?

Hello FMA-fans! I'm a long-time reader and a first-time poster. (Boy, that sounds really corney...)

Anyway, I am a junior in college and am contemplating on what to do my senior thesis on. I have been tossing around a few ideas in my head, and one of them actually has to do with the themes of sin in FMA, such as the forbidden acts of human transmutation, immortality, etc. The only problem is that this is going to be a little challenging, since no direct professional resources exist for this show.

So, I was wondering if anyone would mind suggesting some resources (anime/manga-centered or not) to help me decide on whether I should stick to this topic or not. Also, since I'm an English major, some suggestions on literature that I can loosely relate to this topic of sin or FMA would be great. Thanks in advance! ^^
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Movie DVD

Hello there, folks! Anyone else get their movie DVDs imported yet? I just got my copy this morning. :D Japan really went all out on the Limited Edition set.

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Best $75 I ever spent. ;-;
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a newbie is born...

Okay, I'm a paintshop pro 7 newb, but thanks to daikenkai I'm growing up!

No seriously, I'm still playing around with the thing, (I have 2 problems in particular)but setting that aside now, I sort of made a Ed/Al color-banner thingie. :P

It seems that my expertise with hearts is thriving, until I found out how to use downloaded paintbrushes. XD

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Code included incase you would like to take? :D? Next time I'll plan on doing a smaller. I didn't know this would turn out so big. It's like when you look at your sideview mirror and it says things look smaller/bigger than they appear o-o You could expect my next ones to be a bit smaller.

[EDIT]I also made this icon:

It ain't the best but MEH, I tried. I'll get better eventually
Ed being all sentimental

(no subject)

Hi all~

I did a ton of doodles recently, just little ideas in my head during the school day, so I figured I'd share them. There's no spoilers, so no worries! Just a little bit of soft yaoi : 3 There's one little image that's somewhat not worksafe, so careful. ^^ The images themselves are almost all very big, though, so I'll give a warning for image-heavy-ness @_@

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"Heart Series"

Hahaha, I made some icons...I fooled around with the textures and some may not look like nothing's changed, but it is. I also call these random anime icons, "heart icons"....because all they have is hearts on 'em. XD


(x1)Yu Yu Hakusho
(x5)Fullmetal Alchemist


*I guess you could say there's a spoiler icon from the movie.

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(no subject)

Another random Icon...I think Black Hayate is just the cutest lil thing! XD
Especially since some parts of the FMA series is very sad, cruel, and well, for lack of a better word, un-cute ^^;;


LAST ONE! I swear! I don't wanna take up too much space ^^; *nervous chuckle* ^^;

okay, maybe oooonnneee more ^^;

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Art Challenges

I've seen so so many drabble/fanfic communities since I first dove into the fma fandom, but very few fanart communities.  Does anyone know of any fanart challenge communities? I've only seen a hand full of pretty inactive comms.

-Sloppy fanart on oekaki here.

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Art for your ears~

If it's one thing I've learned, it is bad, bad, bad to give Jiah karaoke tracks. She ends up doing silly things like sitting at her computer with crappy microphones singing stuff that may or may not end up being out of her range :D

I've uploaded a little zip file of stuff, old (tobu_ishi's Motherland which I believe I may have posted before), not-as-old (Asu He no Basho from the Edward Elric songfile, Ano Yume no Mukou he from Alphonse's, and BOY FRIEND'S from Winry's), and brand spankin' new (The english Bratja, just recorded tonight!). I apologize about Bratja, when I was almost finished the stupid thing my throat decided to stop working, so it's a bit raw sounding.

try to Enjoy!

Jiah's FMA Collection

[EDIT] File's been re-uploaded for those of you who, apparently, still want it :P
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[pics] Vampire Topics #3 and #19

Just so everyone knows, there is now a fic that goes along with this vampire storyline! It's written by musemachine and can be found at her LJ^^

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III

This vampire arc also has a title now called "Moss Cathedrals: Back to Bedlam." Please enjoy!

Okay, at first I was thinking about only updating with one pic today since I had classes and stuff like that, but with the way things were planned, these two pics kinda...belong together. Yeah. XD;

So here it is, Youko following up with the FMA fandom's principles: "MY FANDOM ABUSES CHILDREN." Tread carefully. Children are hurt and stuff here. Yeah.

#3--Blood and #19--Holy Water
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